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Interesting Stuff In the Attic

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Yesterday, I helped my paternal grandparents clean out their attic. We got rid of a lot of the stuff they didn't want, but the stuff they did keep was amazing.

My grandfather keeps a lot of old photographs from his childhood. Some of the photos are really funny. There is one photo I really like of Grandpa when he was my age. In it, he's wearing his work clothes and standing next to a donkey. He has a huge grin on his face. The donkey looks like it's grinning too. It always cracks me up. Other photos include him at the beach and him with my grandma soon after they got married. The photos also show that Grandpa used to be a very good swimmer. Now he can barely walk without a cane. The pictures also surprised me at how liberal Lebanon used to be compared to now - not many people were wearing overly Islamic garb. Sure there were the problems with Israel, but still...I was surprised to see my grandma in a two-piece in public! (You'd notice it even more with Egypt - in the 50s and 60s Egyptian women wore Western bathing suits in public free of worry. Now that isn't the case for many of them.)

I was actually quite happy to find some of my grandmother's old records. Grandma has all these records containing the music of an old-time Arab singer named Leila Mourad. We actually played one of them. I'm surprised that they still work after all these years. Sure Grandma and Grandpa's old record player is dusty, but apparently it can get the job done. Of course, they usually listen to CDs now. But my grandma still holds on to her records because they were important to her. One of them has the song that was playing when she and Grandpa danced together for the first time.

Another thing I found was some of my grandmother's really old jewellery. She hasn't worn much of it in years. She keeps the old jewellery upstairs because she's afraid it would fall apart. Believe it or not, some of the jewels date to World War I - at least one ring is over 100 years old. Supposedly that ring belonged to her grandmother - my great-great-grandmother. Strangely enough, my great-great-grandmother was one of her husband's two wives - he was a polygamist. Lord only knows where the other wife's jewellery went. I didn't even bother touching the ring, since I was afraid of ruining it. But I looked at it carefully. It was pretty.

I guess looking through old stuff tells you a lot about your family history.

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  1. Delta Uncle Edit's Avatar
    I bet that was fun. You can sure learn a lot from your grandparents. Glad you had such a nice time!
  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    You appreciate things most kids your age sorely need to pipe down and give thought to for a minute. I can really respect that.


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