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The Patrician

Greetings, one and all. Please come in.

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Good Evening, fellow users of the Bulbagarden Forums. Would you like to take a seat? How's your day been? Would you like a drink? Tea, coffee or perhaps something a little stronger? I make a formidable Farnell. Oh now, where are my manners? I must introduce myself properly.

My name, as indicated by the informative text in the top right corner of your screen, accompanied by my profile picture, is The Patrician or, if you prefer, Havelock Vetinari, the latter just as fake as the former. There is a story behind the name which I will get to shortly. I am British, I am seventeen, therefore rendering my profile picture just as worthless as my name, and I came to these grand forums because of the obvious reasons. I also came to these forums because I wanted to write. I am an actor at heart and am currently studying for a career in the Media but I also like to write down my thoughts and procrastinate and where better to do this than here? I am in the development stage of a story at the moment in fact and maybe one day I will tell you about it. But anyway, to the story behind the name I promised.

Sir Terry Pratchett, a British author of fantasy novels, has won countless awards for his works. He has eight honorary Doctorates, a Carnegie Medal, two Locus Awards, a Margaret Edwards Award and an Andre Norton Award, to name just a few. He is an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services to Literature and he is best known for his creation of the Discworld series, of which, at the time of writing, there are thirty nine. The Discworld is a floating disc supported by four gargantuan elephants, which are in turn supported by the Great A'Tuin, a giant turtle that is swimming endlessly through space. It has many countries but it's capital city is Ankh-Morpork, technically two cities divided by the River Ankh. Among the inhabitants of Ankh-Morpork, there are humans, dwarves, wizards, trolls, golems, werewolves, vampires, goblins, gnomes and those so far unidentified. At the head of these though, in charge of the whole city and as an extension the whole of the Discworld, is the lord of this fair city; The Patrician, Lord Havelock Vetinari. The man in the profile picture is the actor that played Vetinari on screen in some TV adaptations. So now we have all that sorted out, let me continue.

As well as Pokemon, which is a given given where I am posting this to, I enjoy other video games. I have owned, at some time in my life, a Playstation 1, 2 and currently 3, a SEGA Genesis, a Nintendo DS, a Playstation portable and a Gameboy Advance. My first ever game was Driver 2 on the Gameboy Advance and the most recent game I have played is Assassin's Creed 3. My favourite game is Heavy Rain, a combination of intricate story and intuitive design that stole my heart and that I have played over ten times to get different endings and my least favourite game I ever played was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which was monotonous, predictable and any game that has an option to skip a level vital to the story shouldn't feature the level at all. I understand there are quite a few fans of the Call of Duty franchise though so I feel I must disclaim my opinion and say that it is mine and there are no hard feelings. I just feel that it was a pile of trash and not worth my time.

Well this is a Pokemon forum so I suppose I should discuss something to do with Pokemon. My first game was Pokemon Sapphire. I chose Torchic. I beat the Elite 4 with just Blaziken and Gardevoir and minimal Revives. It was fun but it didn't feel like a team. My next game was Leafgreen. I chose Bulbasaur, not because it was the easy choice but because I prefer Venusaur to Charizard. I planned my team meticulously but didn't expect it to be so difficult to get Dragonair to level up to Dragonite so fair Dragonair was used as cannon fodder in the Elite 4, which I completed with a sense of accomplishment. I went to fight Red at the top of Mt. Silver but couldn't get past his Pikachu. I gave up. My third game was Diamond, in which I chose Piplup because no one else I knew chose it. It evolved into a formidable Empoleon and I could not have beaten the Sinnoh Elite 4 without it. I was then given a cartridge for Pokemon Emerald, which I played and chose Sceptile. I used a team this time through and it was much more satisfying that my first journey across Hoenn. This was also the first game I nicknamed my Pokemon. I then played Heartgold, chose Totodile and named him Irwin, named poignantly after Steve Irwin. I also chose Squirtle as my Kanto starter later in the game and never used it again. I called her Galapagos. I surely shouldn't need to explain why. My most recent Pokemon game was Pokemon White. I chose Snivy because everybody else on the Internet appeared to have chosen the overpowered, over-hyped, completely ridiculous Oshawott/Samurott combination. Also, the idea of a Regal Pokemon was appealing to me. In Unova, I named all my team after video game characters. Snivy was named Solid Snake. It was, I must admit, the toughest of the Pokemon games I have played yet had the best and most enthralling story. I am in the process of finding a copy of Pokemon White 2 and with it I will choose Oshawott as my starter, only because there is a limited amount of Water type Pokemon in Unova in the same way that there is a limited amount of Fire types in Sinnoh. When it is released, I plan to buy Pokemon X, I am not in favor of using a single Pokemon in several teams and I hate the idea of using legendary Pokemon in a team to defeat the Elite 4 because, in my mind, it cheapens the experience.

My favourite Pokemon, however, is one that I have not caught and do not plan to. It is Darkrai. It is unique and I would rather it live in secrecy than in my PC. It is mysterious, peculiar, complex, nightmarish and the perfect subject for a story. I must remember to write that down. A story from the perspective of Darkrai would be, I imagine, well received.

To conclude, this has been my first blog. I hope through the process of reading it, you have learned more about me and whether you care or not, I will be making more. If you are to make a comment below, please tell me if you have ever read a Discworld novel and if so, what your favourite was. I hope you enjoyed it. Goodbye.

Lord H. Vetinari

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  1. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums, Mr. Vetinari. I'll take a Scotch if you don't mind.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Nice to meet you! So a patrician, eh? You deal with the medical care of kids?
  3. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    Nice to meet you! So a patrician, eh? You deal with the medical care of kids?
    That's pediatrician silly billy.
  4. Miles101's Avatar
    I'll take a coffee if I may.
    Welcome to the forum! You seem like a pretty cool guy so I hope to see you around~ Call me Miles; it's ironic given my gender. I've been around since I was a stupid kid, going against the law like a crusader against sanity. If I could go back in time and do one thing, it'd be to smack that younger me in the face. Because dear Arceus was I moronic. But that doesn't matter now! Hullo!
  5. The Patrician's Avatar
    Thank you for your warm welcomes. I have a few subjects I plan on blogging about and it should be interesting to see what you think.
  6. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Miles101
    If I could go back in time and do one thing, it'd be to smack that younger me in the face.
    You mean you wouldn't kill Hitler?! =/
  7. Niji's Avatar
    Hey! Welcome to the forums. I hope ya enjoy yourself here.
  8. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    I like you, kid. Ya got spunk.
  9. Winterdaze's Avatar
    At last I have an ally against those wretched mimes. Throw them all in the dungeon!
  10. Setra's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheMissingno.
    You mean you wouldn't kill Hitler?! =/
    But if you kill Hitler, who knows what would happen? You could bring all of Europe into poverty, and give birth to an even worse person than Hitler. And then he'll fix the even worse economy, look like a hero, and yadda yadda yadda, now we have Super Hitler.
  12. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    But if you kill Hitler, who knows what would happen? You could bring all of Europe into poverty, and give birth to an even worse person than Hitler. And then he'll fix the even worse economy, look like a hero, and yadda yadda yadda, now we have Super Hitler.
    It doesn't matter, you kill Hitler out of principle.
  13. The Patrician's Avatar
    If I were to be in possession of a time machine, I would go back to meet with William Shakespeare, watch his plays as they were originally intended to be performed, ask him for tips, and let him know his future and how he will go down in history as the most legendary writer ever born. I think that would change history for the better.

    You would not kill Hitler because it would likely give reason for the Nazi party to form a retaliation attack at the British, giving them the motivation they need to win the war. It would also motivate random strangers to join the Nazi party because the British (I don't care if you're American or British, the language is English) are evil; someone walked straight into the Fuhrers office with the sole purpose of killing him and had no remorse. In summary, don't go back in time to kill Hitler, just make sure you're there when he pulled the trigger on himself.


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