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Wow, look at that trash can!!! (ADHD)

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I've decided I wanna get a professional's opinion to solve the ongoing mystery whether or not I have ADHD. I space-out a lot, I often can't focus when I try to, I'm hyper, I fidget all the time, I have no patience or attention span, I'm short-tempered, I over-react, I need to take medicine to relax enough to sleep, I get easily distracted, I act without thinking, my brain feels full of chaos, I often don't think things through, and I have lots of relatives with it. It would explain everything if I had it, yet my mom still tells me I'm just tired, or I just have an over-active imagination. It would also cost cash, and be pretty intimidating talking to a doctor, but I am curious. I also- wow I wonder if I have any new notifications!!!

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  1. Shadows's Avatar
    You should get tested. It's good to know if you have ADHD. :) Plus, those tests can sometimes be pretty fun. :P
    Can't relate very well to you though - sometimes I think I'm the exact opposite from someone with ADHD. I can focus for very long periods of time, keep very still and can only concentrate on one thing at a time. ^^;
  2. The Booty Warrior's Avatar
    Well, you already know I have it. I should mention that there is a good chance that, assuming you're a few years younger than me, you'll outgrow some of the symptoms. That said, it's a good idea to get tested and see if you've got it, so you can get proper treatment.
  3. Mr. Popo's Avatar
    Yeah, I think you have it. I alraedy know I have ADHD, and I have all of the problems you listed here, except for your family members having it. Well, my uncle has ADHD, but he outgrew the symptoms years ago, and I'm not aware of any other family members with it.


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