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30 to 1...and I won!

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Well, I certainly feel accomplished today! I managed to complete 3 hard/nearly impossible tasks in Black 2 and I feel quite proud of myself! What did I do? Well:

1.) I managed to successfully make it through Area 10 of Black Tower and defeat Benga on my first try. It took me a couple of tries to get through 9 but I did 8 in one shot and thought I was almost done for but I managed to get through 10 in just 2 floors. And Benga was no big deal really with the team I had. I finally completed Black Tower, but it certainly is good for level-grinding. And I still have another medal or 2 I need to get from it so I'll be revisiting it over and over and over again.

2.) I got 2 of my team up to level 100. This is the first time it has happened since I did it with my Dodrio and Lapras way back in Blue (though I did use the Rare Candy trick for those two). I managed to do it without leaving them in the Day Care OR using Rare Candies on them. Both were raised from level 1, my Raichu from a Pichu I transferred over from my Diamond and my Garchomp from a Gible I got in a trade on the GTS. I am so excited that happened. I've got a couple of mid-90's on my Diamond and a 90 something Volcarona in my Black but nothing close to these two. I'm glad I managed to do it from level 1 too.

3.) Using my Raichu, I attempted to battle the Elite 4 with just her. It took awhile (and a few tries with most of them) but I managed to make it to Iris, though I kept getting defeated by her 3rd Pokemon (I got to the 4th one once, but no further). Deciding on a different strategy, I retried it using Garchomp and got through it a lot more quickly (and I only had to re-battle Iris about 3 times. That Lapras of hers has nothing on my Dragon!). And I did beat her! So now, I not only got the medal for beating the League with just one Pokemon, I got the ones for Dragon- and Ground-type teams as well. A 3-for-1 deal. Can't beat that!

Whew. Guess I can cut back on the training now that I did some nigh-impossible things. Time to rest my fingers too, I guess.

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  1. Laterna's Avatar
    Well done and congratulations all around :D


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