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Butthurt found in Omegle

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Yep, pure butthurt found. Also, he was a Ginger with a giant tooth at the exact center of his upper mouth.

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  1. Froakie's Avatar
    You can't call someone butthurt if you start off insulting them, just saying.
  2. Miles101's Avatar
    He's a kid, what did you expect? Personally I don't think making fun of kids, no matter how irresponsible they are, is funny.
  3. Baf's Avatar
    Arse-clenchingly embarrassing.
  4. Narcisse's Avatar
    You've told them to get to Grammar School after stating that you 'eat a healthy diet.'

    You don't 'eat' a healthy diet, you 'have' a healthy diet.

    Are there two vacancies at that school...?
  5. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Here we see two creatures of the Internet in a face-off. The self-righteous troll versus the immature pre-teen male. Let's see how the troll preys upon its next victim.

    Now, see, the troll likes to prey on creatures much smaller than it, since it's very, very easy and yet still satisfies the troll's superiority complex. Oh, wow, look at this, the troll has mentioned the boy's mother! This is horribly offensive to boys, they don't take kindly to it at-- wow, look! They're taking swipes at each other! The boy is lashing out every over-used Internet meme and homophobic slur he can think of whilst the troll continues its onslaught of narcissistic taunts.

    Now, who is usually the winner in this debacle, the viewer may ask. Well, truth be told, there is no winner, more often than not. You see, trolls have a very warped sense of reality, and when they see people being unpleasant to them in any way, for any reason, it satisfies their need to feel superior to the victim, and thusly, by way of making very wide-reaching and vague assumptions, society as a whole. And yet, as you may have noticed, the troll is doing the exact same thing, but its narcissistic gland over-rides that realization whenever it might occur. The boy feels content with that his anti-gay name-calling has sufficiently angered the troll, and moves on with his life. One could say that both are the winners here, but looking at it from the outside, there's no point to it all.

    This has been Jack Pschitt's Animal Adventures. I'll see you next week. So long and farewell, viewers.


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