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Field trips, signage and WHY PIE.

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We stumbled upon some very weird (stupid? funny?) signage during the school field trip today. It's probably because we were in not-so-urban areas for the 'field trip'. Well, the facilitators insist isn't a field trip but an 'outbound program', since instead of putting us in museums and drawling on and on about this rock and that rock, they took us instead to the far-reaching wilderness. There, they drenched us made us swim in a lake you had to be really careful making your way to (else you slip and crack open your skull on one of the smooth, angled rocks that are the only places to put your feet on) and made us climb hills so steep you need to hold on to a rope just so you don't end up going splat on the ground. Then, they make jot down our observations, calculate stuff and give us short lectures while we catch our breath and try to clean the caked mud off our shoes.

But I swear, it's fun. After all, I lived, even if my limbs still hurt.

Anyway, I can't remember all of them, but I do remember "WHY PIE SOON" (with actual pie graffiti on it, and the Y in "WHY" underlined. Twice.), "Please Flash, the Toilet!!" and "WARNING: If water is deep, you will drown."

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  1. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    I once saw a sign for a Mexican restaurant on the side of the road that read "TACOS AND BURROS".


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