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The life of a stegosaurus

Feeling incredibly smug

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I challenged Cynthia with a Lv 69 Gallade, Lv 65 Registeel, Lv 58 Thundurus, Lv 54 Lugia, Lv 93 Black Kyurem and Lv 94 Latios.

Won and leveled up Gallade twice and Registeel once.

Challenged her again and beat the living hell out of Spiritomb and Glaceon. With just a Lv 71 Gallade.

On Challenge Mode.

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  1. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
    Very nice.
    How I wish I could have a boast like that...

    Unfortunately, my training on Black Tower for EXP Points caused me to be way more powerful than I ever should have been. Level 92 for all of my main Party Pokémon, even when swapped out.

    It doesn't help that four of them are Legendary Pokémon (two in-game events, Black Kyurem and Latios, and two Event Pokémon, Genesect and Keldeo...I'm still waiting on Meloetta to complete my intended B2W2 team), while the other two are powerful in their own right (Magnezone is a top OU Pokémon, and Lucario's got a Life Orb set).

    Then we come to my Shiny Garchomp. That is all.


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