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Time goes by so fast

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Fourth Bulbaversary, ho!

Still can't believe it's actually been 4 years since I joined the site. :O

What can I say, it's been fun. It's kinda amusing that when I joined all that time before, it was because I was a fan of Pokémon but now the only reason I'm staying is because of reasons that has nothing to do with it. Things change so much with time. :<

I've met so many nice people, made very good friends, got introduced to the strange but pretty cool thing known as mafia games, actually got the inspiration to make music from @Blazaking EX (and it's such a huge joy for me now), had fun conversations with everyone, got a few prizes from the Christmas contests, and had many many awesome experiences. And for that, I cannot thank this site and all the people I've met here enough.

Mention spam

@Central African Republic*
@ii kanji
@Kakuna Matata
@Karkat Vantas
@Lord Clowncrete
@Ranger Jack Walker
@The Puppetmaster

If I've forgotten anyone, I'm sincerely sorry. I've met that many awesome people these 4 years. :o

Thanks so much guys.

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  1. hurristat's Avatar
    You're probably right xD
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @J J M Platinum with gold trimmings and a sword hidden inside plzkthx
  3. J J M's Avatar
    @Kakuna Matata That's all? Thought you would ask for a solid gold one with a double-edged sword. :o
  4. Rayne's Avatar
    Happy you've enjoyed your time here JJM! Wish I could be around more to talk ^^;
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