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Bubble Frog

Pokemon Observation: Pansage

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Observation today? Broccoli, monkey bread broccoli specifically. That's right, it's Cilan's mascot and partner Pokemon, Pansage who will be being observed by yours truly today.

Vintage Premium Brand, Pansage!

Pokémon Summary

Meet Pansage, Cilan's main Pokemon and Grass-type partner he used in the Striaton Gym before he started traveling with Ash and Iris. Pansage is similar to Cilan in more ways than one, almost like Ash and Pikachu. Pansage since the beginning of the show has shown to be a viable battler whose signature move, Solar Beam, would finish a battle after his trainer proclaimed the phrase "It's Evaluating Time!" (Tasting Time in the JPN Version). It's no secret him and his trainer are in-sync with each other since they are very similar to each other as pointed out in A Call for Brotherly Love! by various people. I'm just bringing this up now because it's most likely going to pop up a few more times in this article.

While it is true, Cilan and Pansage are practically one in the same. Pansage has shown some stray characteristics at times that set him apart from Cilan, for example Pansage was shown to be extremely besides himself over having to cross-dress. Cilan was embarrassed as well but Pansage was especially more ashamed and this influenced his battling and caused him to lose.

Pansage's bashfulness at cross-dressing

Character Interactions






Character Development & Growth

Pansage readying a Solar Beam

Pansage is like Cilan in personality and development, Pansage on the whole hasn't really changed or developed. He did show he could utilize Rock Tomb, but he supposedly already knew that move. Pansage came into the show competent and there's not much that has really changed in his character or moveset, and I don't think there will because Pansage is like Cilan and he mirrors his trainer in that way. Nothing wrong with it.

Have the changes and growth with this character been good?

He hasn't really changed, so I can't respond.

Is this character memorable?

I think Pansage will be remembered, mainly because Cilan is very memorable. No doubt, Pansage dressed up as an Emolga. But had a problem putting a bow on its head, this showed Pansage has no prob dressing up a female Pokemon. However as a straight-up female, wearing girly things for example he seems to be uncomfortable with. His Solar Beam is often likened to a Kamehameha too. He has had some memorable battles and good wins, tag battling with Unfezant for example.

How they rank?

The Unova Gang Pokémon Overall

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  1. kronos's Avatar
    hope you can do a future one on leavanny.It had decent growth,and some interesting interactions.
  2. Gengarzilla's Avatar
    I personally hope we see one on Krookodile soon. Even before joining Ash, there would still be lots to say about him.


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