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So, as another year comes to an end

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Another year comes rolling in. This is my New Year's blog, which I'm doing a few days early, cause I'm gonna be working like crazy leading up to the new year, restocking the freezers, and unwillingly being a cashier, since apparently New Years is worse at my store than the Christmas rush is, yay, and I don't wanna forget to do this, or be too tired to do so inbetween other work shifts. Doesn't help that I'm also lazy, and might not wanna do it between them while I'm not tired. I'd do it Saturday on my day off, but it's suppose to snow, and last time it did that here, it broke the powerline outside my house. Yeah. /ramble

2012 has been a pretty crappy-meh at best year to me, with some good times, such as making some good new friends at work, and beating up a hot pocket there. I've gone inactive here three times during that time. Twice of which together didn't even last a month, and the first time was like 5 weeks. I had various ships made for me throughout the year, though all of which fell pretty flat, whether it was that one that was like semi canon, or not, with the nots having someone else that the other was more shippable with. Like CrackFox, and Synthesis. I turned 21, and like many others before me, I started to drink, though I'm not a heavy drinker, more of a casual one and what I'm most pissed about, is that anytime I go anywhere and ask for a beer or something, they don't ID me. Really, do I look that old? Ended up getting a new puppy, who will no doubt continue being a monster until he's one. Changed my username of two and a half years from Ebail, to The Miz to give something different a try.

Course, it's not all fun and games. Let's see, at work particularly, someone once actually made me slam my head against one of the backdoors, (willingly, like a headdesk) where if it had real glass, instead of that plastic one, I'd have probably smashed my head through. I've been nearly hit by a good, I'd say five cars there, cause people like to fly into the lot. Nearly broke my big toe once when I ran it over with a uboat full of frozen stuff. And, just a week ago, I accidentally stabbed my own arm, trying to break a box down, where had I had the blade from my boxer cutter out, I'd have probably done a good deal of damage to myself. And, somehow, I'm know as Mr. Bitter, and the friendliest one there. (Since I never smile, but am helpful to a lot of people) Yeah, that's my stores logic for you, non-existent. Long story short, work sucks. But, this isn't a complaint blog about work though it's certainly looking like one, ain't it?

I'm rambling again, aren't I? Ah well, now to the part you all care about, the mentions, and nice things I say about all of you. Cept it's not all really nice, as it is more pointless for some it looks, cause it seems like more rambling. Thanks to this, and my blog back a couple of months ago, I have no idea what I'll do in my bulbaversary blog in April for you ingrates fine people, but ehh, I'll worry about that, and wing something together the night before.



@Dark Blueberry;



@Haruto Tenjo;



@Kaito Tenjo;

@Kakuna Matata;








@Professor Erin;



@Winter Enchantress;


And then a random mention to @FestiveGreen; mostly cause you always seem to ask for, and get socks every year too, so that instantly makes you one of the coolest people around here. True story.

Well, I guess that's it. Everyone have a happy new year, in...4 days hey I explained why I did this now, don't judge me, and beat me with a stick. If I didn't mention you, I either just overlooked you, don't know you, or you don't care about the oncoming year. I dunno, I was doing this for like 2 hours. But, just cause you weren't mentioned means nothing. I wish each and every last one of you, a happy 2013, in 4 days Here's to the future. May it be a good year for all of us, for whatever reasons.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    But at least you don't suck, and aren't a jerk.
    You don't know me at all!
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @The Miz; OMG you heard my voice...?? I thought I had the settings for off... but... lol;; I don't remember what I said but I do hope it wasn't anything that offended you. Thanks for the mention, btw.
  3. Ebail's Avatar
    @Dark Blueberry; I don't know if it was offensive or not, it was in your home language, and since I only speak English...XD
  4. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @The Miz; Oh XDD I guess it must have been some random comment about the Ditto. Thanks for reminding me. I gotta make sure about the settings XDD
  5. Midorikawa's Avatar
    You're so mean ;_;

    Anyways thanks. Happy New Year to you too, and we should try talking more. Can't say I've been very active though wither ^^;
  6. Midorikawa's Avatar
    You're so mean ;_;

    Anyways thanks. Happy New Year to you too, and we should try talking more. Can't say I've been very active though wither ^^;
  7. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    Happy early New Year!

    I am still a Crystal Light addict.

    We really do need to talk more. ^^ Maybe sometime we can duel on Dueling Network, so my Heraldic Beasts can take you on. XD
  8. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    Hey, remember when we became friends again randomly? Haha, funny times. Did you get bacon for Christmas? Cause short of socks, nothing beats the gift of bacon. Oh, and btw more randomness goes here. Hope everything during your crazy phase of college ended up going smoothly, since I never really got around to asking. And, well, that's it.
    Sadly no bacon :c but i did get an assortment of sliced deli pig meats! :D/
    And my cousin got the socks for xmas lucky stiff! and i ended up with a new midnight purple 3DS :3c

    Ya, the college craziness panned out fine, ended up with straight A's for the semester :D
    So anywho, happy new year mr. ebail :3
  9. Pyradox's Avatar
    Dude, you forgot me, what about the time I killed all the tourists for you? Happy early New Year, good sir. :D
  10. Dolce's Avatar
    Its fun to argue nonsense with you, especially since you never end up winning.
    HEY! D; I can win if I try my hardest! Your a punk like the actual Miz. ;_;

    Anyways Happy almost new year!

    P.S. I am the Tag Team Champions!! Because my avi has the title! >:C
  11. Buoy's Avatar
    Happy New Year for when it comes, Ebail. I really hope 2013 is going to be a great year for you, because we both know that you deserve a break. :>
  12. ScarletSky's Avatar
    I just remembered that I still have to finish Dragon Ball. =-= (The original, not DBZ.) Ugh! I'd better get to that.
    Anyway, more on topic. I could pretty much return what you said about me. You can be a friendly person, and I would honestly like to speak with you more often. I find it interesting you're still interested in Madolche lol. If you gave them time, you could probably master them and use them quite effectively.
    Have a Happy New Year!
  13. Mintaka's Avatar
    @The Miz; Thanks for the mention! :3
    I'll have that 100 questionnaire someday, watch me >:]
  14. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm pretty bad at starting vm conversations. You'd either have to start one with me or catch me in the bcct or a group chat on skype x)

    Anyway, early happy newyear to you!
  15. Ebail's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pyradox
    Dude, you forgot me, what about the time I killed all the tourists for you? Happy early New Year, good sir. :D
    Or, you know, I just didn't know what to say about since the last blog. Or you don't celebrate the new year, and just live one long continuous year cycle through life. Oh, okay, here's a mention @Pyradox; That was fun when you got rid of all the tourists, cept now I only do cashier two days a week anyway, and am instead in frozen. If you could however get rid of the excess frozen in the back freezer, it'd be pretty awesome. Just saying. And yeah, you're still pretty cool and such.
  16. Squall Leonhart's Avatar
    Can't blame you for thinking I was Rio. XD You know it's hard for me to not worry, but okay, I'll try not to... ^^; You're one of my best friends around here too! It's always so enjoyable talking to you. :3 if only I could respond quickly I thought those times were fun too, especially the plot for a Zexal episode time. X3 Uwah... Thank you so much!! I look forward to another year of talking with you! Well, whenever I get back into being able to respond quickly to VMs... yay! I don't know how I did, but hooray~ Hope you have a great new year!
  17. Momoka's Avatar
    Thank yoooou, Ebail~ X3 That all meant a lot to me, and really, I thank you for making me this coffee addict. XD It wakes me up and it tastes so damn goood~ you're a wonderful person and I really enjoyed you being my "Thread-Dad". XD You'll always be like an older brother to me, though~ <3 and yes, you have discovered my secret of staying sweet
  18. CrackFox's Avatar
    Thanks for the mention. Sorry that i'm not around much,I get easily bored of Bulba/Skype. At the moment i'm sicks :/
    Hope you're ok, if not, watch some ATHF till you feel better. It's working for me :)
  19. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @The Miz belated Happy New Year to you! :D (though it's more a belated response, since you made the blog before New Year's. Good planning ahead.)
    Did you ever catch up on Modern Family yet?
    B-but I'm trying to catch up on The Walking Dead and Supernatural and various animus. ;-; Plus my family usually watches Modern Family together, and everyone was busy during the holiday season.
    Come on, do it, cause you're like the only Modern Family AND DBZ fan I know, so that gives you an 11 out of 10 on the cool scale.
    What if I told you I watched ATHF for a time? (I haven't seen much beyond the...third season I believe. My favorite episode was "The Broodwich".
    You're fun to talk to, cause you have a great sense of humor, but can be serious if needed.
    It's always nice to meet people who share in my silly sense of humor. ( ^-^)=mm=(^-^ )
    We should cook up some grand plans one day, like a DBZ/Modern Family crossover. It could work. I could totally see Goku being Jay.
    What in the world? xD
    How so? To me, Jay seems more mean at first, but is nicer as you get to know him. Goku is usually friendly with everyone unless circumstances call for him to be serious.
    Good ol Kou. Think my favorite thing about you, is your lack of extreme fangirling.
    How we've managed to remain friends is beyond me. xD
  20. Lurking's Avatar
    Why yes, I clearly was chilling in your window as you wrote this. Then, I let you think you were safe by waiting for two weeks before posting my dastardly reply AHAHAHA YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD ESCAPE. NOPE.

    But actually. I've been horrible at replying to messages as of late, especially those on facebook, and I'm sorry for that. But by the time I get on to see them, it's usually been a week or so and then I have that whole dilemma with "is this actually still relevant/what were we talking about/who am I/potato" and then I have a second dilemma where it's all "DO I RESPOND/ I DON'T KNOW/WOULD THAT BE AWKWARD/NO IDEA/AGGGGGH," which results in... nothing happening. Sorry about that. ._.

    Anyways. Blah blah blah same weak excuses that I've said a million times before, and for that I am sorry. Hoping that you'll have an excellent year, though, sir (LES MIS? THE MIZ? EBAIL IS NO MORE WHEN DID I MISS THIS?), because you really deserve one.


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