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Pokémon X is not new?

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Many people are looking at these new titles and thinking "Wow, letters! They've never done that before!" This is not entirely true.

Now, first I'm going to ignore the tenth anniversary CD with the same name, the webcomic with a similar name, and the fact that Lugia was referred to as "Pokémon X".

What I'm going to focus on is the old Pokémon game called "Pokémon X". I can't really find any good sources on it (and now Google is filled with X and Y news making finding anything on it virtually impossible), but there was a game called Pokémon X that was going to be released for Game Boy Advance. It was eventually cancelled and became Pokémon Crystal. What the differences were, we may never know, but it may have meant we wouldn't have the Gen II/III barrier we do now.

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  1. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
    Yeah, they never released a game called Pokemon X or Y before. Therefore it's new.
  2. SnorlaxMonster's Avatar
    The title is not new. The game is, but that's not the point.

    Really, the title is that way to make people read it. And clearly it worked. :P
  3. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    And when the third game comes out, "Pokemon Z version", expect a swarm of Dragon Ball Z jokes to appear on these forums XD
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Pokemon X used to be my favorite webcomic. Too bad it's dead.


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