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Servin' it up Starfleet Style

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Those who know me know that I'm a massive Star Trek nerd. In fact, I was even writing a fanfic which I may be returning to soon. Those who also know me know that I love to kick ass in multiplayer player vs. player (PvP) scenarios.

Which brings me to today, where I did just that. Star Trek: Online is a relatively obscure MMO that has a lot of internal structure problems. Buggy missions, poor quality cutscenes, lots of controversial decisions by the developers and a whole host of other problems keep it from being amazing. But at its core, it's pretty good, especially ground PvP.

That's me, Ameena Blackmoore, captain of the U.S.S. Purity, engaged in some very lopsided warfare against three Klingons. It was literally 3v1 from the start of the match and I almost gave up when the rest of my team deserted on me.

I told myself, 'No. You've learned a lot when training to become an effective ground fighter. Give it a go.' So I charged head on into the opposing team, keeping in mind that it was just me alone against three players. They wiped the floor with me. I was up against some decently skilled opponents. They knew how to distribute their damage accordingly to counter my healing abilities and get me when my defenses were dried up.

I think I was taken out twelve or thirteen times before I scored my first kill against S'Rreg. Accusations of cheating flew through the air. There's no way a single person could have faced a team of three, killed one and made their escape! Impossible! I identified S'Rreg as the weak link and focused my attacks on him. I killed him again, but I wasn't able to get away that second time.

The following 40 minutes, I was running back and forth, dodging lasers, scanning with my tricorder to find cloaked opponents, running my fucking legs off so I could get some breathing room to heal myself and regroup. I kept targeting and killing S'Rreg until he stopped respawning. My weak link took himself out of the game so that the other two could finish the game without me racking up the kills against him.

I'm amazed I did so well to be honest. I often struggle with skilled opponents, but I was in the zone today. I was watching the reckless and aggressive playstyles the other two were using against me. I was analyzing their movements and their tactics and switching up my own to counter them. Instead of allowing them to take the fight to me, I took the fight to them. I pulled my shotgun out of my inventory and sat at corners, waiting to ambush them for maximum damage, even oneshotting them a few times.

In the end, I turned the tide. I was about to give up when I managed to kill one of them. This separated them, as they started respawning in different areas of the map, completely alone. I was a vulture, picking them apart one by one, and eventually my "team" score passed theirs and carried on to victory.

I displayed a high level of skill, I'd say. I managed my healing abilities (unlike most MMOs, Star Trek Online features reactive healing rather than proactive healing; your healing abilities are put on relatively long cooldowns once you use them rather than being spammable), used hard cover properly to avoid extended periods of taking laser blasts, timed my offensive capabilities to burst my opponents down with overwhelming force, etc.

Instead of congratulating me for bravely taking three people on and giving them the first tough target to take down they've probably ever had, they accused me of hacking. Apparently because I was running around so much to avoid taking too much fire, I was speed hacking. Apparently because I was using my big boy gun after awhile and coupling them with an item to increase my damage briefly, I was cheating by boosting my damage. Apparently because I'm a scientist and I can heal myself (just look at those numbers!), that made me a cheater too! Apparently my victory wasn't achieved through skill, dedication to learning the ins and outs of combat or proper tactics. I didn't know what I was doing, nope, it was all cheating!

I'm not sure why I wrote so much other than I'm excited for having faced such a terrifying situation and coming out on top for once. I've been in 3v1 situations before that have all ended in disaster. It gave me quite a workout too, I think. My heartbeat was going crazy, I broke out into a cold sweat and I spent a lot of time thinking of how to win. It was the only cardio exercise I've gotten in the past six months, and I didn't have to lift an arm or move my legs. :P

I've no doubt been reported for my "supposed" cheating. I'll be really surprised if I don't get some sort of notification that my account is being investigated, cause honestly, those numbers are pretty hard to believe. Most games end with people getting around 10k damage and 7k healing if they've got healing abilities. But then again, most games don't last 40 minutes, don't have one target doing all of the fighting and one target taking all of the damage.

Eh, what can I say? I'm proud of my accomplishment. It's taken almost a year (and three months taking a break) to develop the ins and outs, and I finally got to put them to the test. If only my opponents could understand honour and integrity, they may have fought harder and actually won.

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  1. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Those PetaQs that deserted you must have no sense of honor. And the ones that accused you of cheating.

    perfect way of using that. And I have no idea if that is the right plural. And I don't mean this in the worst way just felt like it would be appropriate with the subject.
  2. Caitlin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Soulmaster
    Those PetaQs that deserted you must have no sense of honor. And the ones that accused you of cheating.

    perfect way of using that. And I have no idea if that is the right plural. And I don't mean this in the worst way just felt like it would be appropriate with the subject.
    I do believe that is the correct pluralisation. And I'm glad that they left me, they probably would have been free kills and the game would have been over 37 minutes quicker :P


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