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Something about transphobia

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Because I need to rant I guess.
Warning: As with any other LGBT issues, this is a matter that can potentially make me really angry. Even though I most likely won't react violently, keep in mind questioning could upset me.
Also I'm going to try to contain myself, but expect mild swearing.

So, this. To begin with, and perhaps clear things up, the topic is frequently called "LGBT" lumping together homosexuality and transexuality. Which kind of makes sense seeing externally we all suffer the same discrimination based on archaic values.
But (and to my surprise), even other homosexuals are somehow transphobic. I try to wrap my head around this- "Why would one be so hypocritical, that you talk about not "poisoning society" and rejecting others telling you what to do, and that we're not delusional and egoistical about a supposed choice and actually born with a certain atraction... and then say EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS to someone else of a different condition?" I literally cannot see how in the world is it different to discriminate against homosexuals than to transexuals. Other than perhaps one based on better-known ignorance and the other on made up ignorance by wannabe scientists/whatever. (Well, "wannabe", some actually succeed, which is the scariest thing about a society that doesn't condemn being a horrible person)

But then you get to the true poison in society, that is clearly seen even in the internet. EVERYWHERE. Where even a humble announcement made by a transexual person, gets disregarded and instead the person is met with piles of bigoted bastards spewing the worst things, from ignorance and hypocrisy to offhand comments as "it makes me upset how that woman is really a man". Augh.

Though really, what set me off is seeing other homosexuals do that. It's just... so irrational. Then again, discrimination is irrational in nature.
Thinking about it though, perhaps it should not be LGBT actually then, if some people are going to be hypocritical asshats.
(Not to mention that yes, transexual homosexuals exist. Despite these people arguing the opposite. Heck, now I wish I had a transexual girlfriend, just to spite them.)

At this point... I'm almost certain transexuals will be the new favorite discrimination target after homophobia exists the main stage, which is pretty upsetting and shows that it's not the meaning of what is proven what sticks to people, but the fear of being judged themselves. What's next, those born through non-natural means?

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  1. Master Mew's Avatar
    What's next, those born through non-natural means?
    Actually, that stigma is on the decline as the practice slowly becomes more common - not to mention the fact that, if you don't tell anyone how you were conceived, you can comfortably live out your days without anyone ever knowing - there is no physical or behavioral indication.

    No real risk of them being society's next punching-bag.
  2. Mitsuru's Avatar
    I'm homosexual, but I stand for bisexual, transgender and asexual rights all the same. I think people don't understand what being trans means, even less than they do for the common issue of homosexuality, so trans folk are simply seen as circus freaks to them. My parents are that way.
    I'd be all for helping educate people about these things, but I doubt they would listen. I do plan on talking to my parents about it, though. I'm not going to live with people like that.

    In a related point, I find trans characters fascinating in fictional material. Adam is my favorite character on Degrassi (which, admittedly, I don't really watch), and he's FTM. I'd even like to write a trans character, myself, if I ever got the chance.
  3. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsuru
    In a related point, I find trans characters fascinating in fictional material. Adam is my favorite character on Degrassi (which, admittedly, I don't really watch), and he's FTM. I'd even like to write a trans character, myself, if I ever got the chance.
    I think it's really neat when such traits are represented in fiction. Nowadays there are enough homosexual characters sure, but there are still quite too few realistically and properly portayed transexual characters, and I believe that is key for society to understand the issue better.
    The only characters I know myself are mostly from works that are to some extent focused on it... which simply isn't really enough.
  4. Envoy's Avatar
    @Infinity Mk-II Wow. I just saw this. I feel soooo bad for not noticing it before. I'm so sorry.

    Anyway, I absolutely HATE discrimination in all its forms. My parents have this annoying tendency to call every Asian they see a 'Chinese,' and it annoys me to no end. I always ask them 'How do you know they're from China?' They get annoyed that I'm so persistent about it, but I don't care. Discrimination one of my berserk buttons.

    Being gay myself, I know that I certainly get angry whenever I see or hear say something homophobic, so in turn, I strive to not make anyone feel that way. This extends to trans people.

    I agree, one of the most hypocritical things I have ever seen is a transphobic homosexual. Life is life, in all its forms. We should celebrate it, not condemn it. Sometimes, people can be so stupid.

    /end rant.


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