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The evolution of the word "faggot"

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So I go to this board on 4chan. As to be expected, the word "faggot" gets thrown around a lot on said board.

Thing is, I know that said board has a lot of gay men in it. I've even seen the word "faggot" being thrown around in yaoi threads as a pejorative.

It's really curious how the word "faggot" has evolved from an insult directed towards gay men to an insult in general, like "nitwit" or "dumbass".

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  1. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    At this point, it's hit meme status and nearly lost its meaning.
  2. Winged Psychic's Avatar
    I just learned the other day that "gypped" was a racial slur towards gypsies, I had seen it used in literature and TV shows so I never knew it's origins. Maybe one day kids growing up will forget any relation between sexual preference and the word "faggot".

    Admittedly, I had never even known of the existence of the word faggot until one of my older stepbrothers called me it when I was roughly 8 or so and I just assumed that it was a portmanteau of "maggot" and "fag". I was a sheltered kid.
  3. Pain Split's Avatar
    Internet has grown full of insults and annoying people. Everywhere, there are people acting like a complete jerk toward celebrities, people using insults when they don't even know what they mean, and the overused caps and incorrect spelling. Life is hard for a grammar nazi...
  4. Hedface's Avatar
    It's easy to be your most insulting with the veil of anonymity. With the invention of the Internet, people confuse wit with ignorance.
  5. H-con's Avatar
    Considering people call themselves oldfags and drawfags and whatnot, to call it really that insulting when used in that context would be odd. Of course, unless you think they insult themselves.

    Sounds more like you're a newfriend than anything.
  6. Kree's Avatar
    ^ It depends on the context. When it's used in those contexts I agree with you, but when someone yells GTFO FUCKING FAGGOT I think it counts as an insult.


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