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Obligatory New Year blog post

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Everyone else is doing it...so why not? :P

I'm not going to mention people, because I'm on my phone that's at only 15% charge so I don't want to make this too difficult. ^^;

2012... I guess it was a pretty good year. Nothing devastatingly bad happened to me.

Um, some good things:
- Got a BMGf account!
- Did well on the biology SAT
- Made the school badminton team with no experience
- Made a lot of new friends, especially on here~
- Boosted my math grade from an 85% to a 93% in the course of 4 months
- Ran a half marathon~
- Went to Peru! :D
- Got both White and White 2, and reawakened my interest in Pokémon by doing so
- Didn't die or get very sick or become seriously injured :P
- Improved my horrible social skills (I can safely say this every year, so it's getting better)

And some bad things:
- Wasted a ton of time on BMGf instead of being productive
- Was the worst player on the badminton team due to said lack of experience
- Stuck with a horrible language arts teacher this school year
- Was on the receiving end of at least one lecture about colleges every other day :/
- Didn't really do anything relatively spectacular. 2011 was better in that way. [s]Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ftw![/s]


Happy New Year, everyone! You guys on BMGf really helped make this year a great one for me (or at least, the second half of it, since I joined in July XD) I hope all of you have an amazing 2013!

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    Thanks, and happy New Year to you too.
  2. Blaze-Boy's Avatar
    Happy New Year to you!
  3. Sunburn's Avatar
    Happy New Year Shadows! :) Your social skills are just fine :P