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2012, huh?

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So, looks like it's time for the obligatory New Year's (Eve) blog, before I forget!

2012 has definitely been the biggest year of my life so far, regardless of the fact that it has gone the fastest. I've made some big changes, grown up a lot, got a psychologist, worked to make my dad leave, seen through the funeral of a dear friend, taken up a subject I always wanted to study but was too scared to (and made myself leave my comfort zone in doing so), cut some people I loved but was drained by out of my life (a best friend included), made even better friends in others and even started out as a mod here (making a whole bunch of amazing friends who have not only become people I personally respect hugely but are also a lifeline and a family in that process too). This also led to perhaps the sweetest change of them all, the beginning of my time with a certain @Jabberwocky; - someone I never thought would even look twice at me (and who, I have realised, is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the fortune to meet). It's been tiring, scary, a bit disillusioning, saddening and downright euphoric in some cases. I know I have grown more in myself from this year than from any other and I recognise changes in my life and in myself that I wouldn't have thought I could make before. For the first time, I can look back on the past twelve months and honestly feel reasonably accomplished and mature, and that's quite something. Although I did blog before about those of you in particular who have really made things here special for me, I would like to thank everyone again - friends and other staff and members I have yet to become closer with included - for making not only my year but the forums and all our resources awesome for another twelve months. Here's to plenty more, huh?

Oh, and my resolution for next year? Simply to keep on working towards creating a happy and productive life with some remarkable, brilliant people around me and to keep helping anybody I can to do the same for themselves. Maybe to make a dent in my pitiful unfitness too! Who knows?!

Happy New Year, everybody. Let's all go into 2013 with a smile~

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    You have a fantastic year Loopy :3


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