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A Madoka Review

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I thought I'd review Puta Magi Mutant Meguca, because I think people should really see it. And a lot of revieww aren't really good at explaining the series because they try to avoid spoilers, essentially not giving you a good view of the story. So I thought I'd try my best to review this series.

Keep in mind that I suck at reviewing, but I still want to try. And I want Milkapoke to post a new blog so she can reach her goal, so I'm going to push her latest one down a bit.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is basically this: a cat-thing targets sad lesbians and grants them one wish, and in exchange they must become magical sad lesbians and fight witches. Sadness ensues. The series is about 12 episodes, leaving little room for filler. The story is very character-driven, focusing on the emotions of the characters, and how they all slowly decay mentally.

The story starts out with Madoka (aka the Pink Lesbian.) She has a loving family and a close relationship with her mom, she has great friends, and goes to a great school. She has a weird dream in which she sees a girl battle some strange monster. So imagine her surprise when the girl (Homura, aka Blackish Purple Lesbian) from her dreams transfers into her class and goes all "If you value the life you have no, don't try to change it or yourself." Madoka is all "okay, but what the fuck?"

So Pink Lesbian and her friend, Sayaka (aka Blue Lesbian) go to the mall to shoplift. There, Pink Lesbian hears a voice call her and ask for help. She discovers Blackish Purple Lesbian beating up a cat-thing named Kyuubey. Pink and Blue save Kyuubey, but find themselves in a strange dimension of butterflies and cotton balls. They are soon rescued by a magical girl named Mami (aka the Yellow Lesbian), who entrances them with the magical world of Puella Magi, or "Lesbians with capes and magical powers."

But as we see in the third episode, it's not so fun. Mami is killed by a witch before Pink's and Blue's eyes, and Blackish Purple tells them that being a magical girl is pretty shitty And as we learn:
a) it's a competitive occupation, and many people would soon turn their backs on one another or even kill to stay alive.
b) most, if not all people come to regret their wishes. So making a wish in exchange for helping Kyuubey isn't worth it in the long run.
c) magical lesbians will eventually transform into witches, becoming the monsters magical lesbians fight.
d) the only way to avoid becoming a witch is to die before you transform.

Here's a diagram.

Moving away from the plot, let's talk about the enemies. The girls fight witches (corrupted magical girls) and their familiars (the minions of witches; they can become witches themselves if left alone.) The witches will often hide in barriers, which are these magical worlds used to conceal themselves.

The witches and their barriers are the best part of the series. Note how the series and human characters feature light, pastel colors. Not only do the witches and their little worlds vary artistically from one another, the artistic style presented is completely different from the show. This is one witch, and this is part of her barrier.

The battles are pretty well-done, and they work well even with the conflicting art styles between the magical girls and the witches. Here is a good fight.

Time travel and alternate timelines are used later on in the show. Yes, this is a spoiler, but I think it's something that should be commented. Things get a little complex at that point, so if this turn isn't for you, then I wouldn't recommend the series, considering the impact it has in the last episodes.

I actually enjoyed all of the characters, aside from Blue Lesbian. There are quite a few characters, but only six actually matter: Pink Lesbian, Blue Lesbian, Red Lesbian,Yellow Lesbian, Kyuubey, and Blackish Purple Lesbian. While Madoka is the main character, all of them get a lot of focus, and everyone except Mami feels like the main character at some point.

The red one (aka Kyoko Sakura) is pretty bitchy at first, but then she's in love with with Blue Lesbian. She used to be really poor, because her father, a pastor, said things in church that people didn't agree with, thus driving people away. She wished for everyone to listen to her dad. But her dad thought this was evil, so he killed everyone in the family. Oops.

She's my second least favorite of the main characters. She has an interesting look and personality, but a lot of her actions at first felt more like "I'm a bitch because the plot said so." She has a reason to be a bitch, but no reason to be an illogical bitch.

That yellow chick (aka Mami Tamoe) is probably the least developed of the girls, entirely because she dies in the third episode. Her death shouldn't be a spoiler because it heralds the show's shift into a darker and more complex story. It's because of this event that the full gravity of the story hits you. Trying to hide it would be taking away the much of the emotion the story carries. Her death should only be spoilered if you want to trick people into thinking this story is just a cute, generic magical girl story. And considering the infamy this show has, it'd be almost impossible to do this.

What makes Yellow so interesting, despite only being in the first quarter of the series (ignoring the different timelines)? She's a badass fighter, uses muskets, inspired Sayaka and Madoka into defending people, served as a mentor and guide for us into the world of Magical Lesbians, and her death scene is awesome. Watch!

She was dying in a car accident when QB found her before the series started, and her wish was to be tied back to life.

The caped crusader (aka Sayaka Miki) is my least favorite of these miserable souls and the only one I don't like, but that's not to say that she's a bad character. She's pushy and sort of a bitch, but she means well. She's in love with the ginger girl, but she has a thing for Madorka too. She's also in love with this one buy, but he doesn't count. She was the first witch we see make her contract on the show.

Her wish was to heal the broken arm of a violinist she's crushing on, so he can play violin and realize his dreams. Her story arc deals with her becoming an empowered warrior because of her wish, but the story eventually shifts into her decaying mental state as she grows to regret her wish. I didn't really care for it that much since it suffers from the same awkward writing as Sayaka's at some points, but you might find her story compelling and relatable.

This motherfucker is Homura Akemi (aka Hameru, Homerun, Homoru, Blackish Purple), my favorite character on the show. Her backstory and motivation doesn't play a major role into the last quarter, but it's a really good story. She's basically a mysterious girl who stalks Madoka and tries to keep her from becoming a miserable magical lesbian. No one knows where she cames from, not even the Kyuubmeister.

Spoilers for those who are curious. It's not required reading for those who want to watch the show, but it's not important to this review.

Madoka (Pink Ranger) is the eponymous character. She debates becoming a magical Sailor Senshi in order to protect the people she loves, but is wary because being meguca is suffering. All the lesbians are after her. As a protagonist, she's a pretty good one. She's not the most compelling, but she is a lot like Ash Ketchum. She has a really big heart, to the point where you can consider her purity and innocence incarnate. When you consider all that she does in the show and in other timelines, you can see why everyone in-show would like her.

Does she become a magical girl in the end? In alternate timelines, yes. But in the main timeline (the only one we actually follow throughout the show)? Let's just say that all the other girls become magical girls and leave it at that.

Fun fact: Guess who she shares a voice actress with? I'll give you a hint: Kodomo ne.

One more

Kyuubicle makes contracts with the magical girls. He makes them fight witches so he can harness their bitch tears to save the universe. All the girls baww and he uses their baww for his own gains. he's manipulating them all, but it's for a good cause. A lot of fans hate him for this, but I can't blame him. He's doing what he can to save the entire universe; without him, Madorka and all her friends would have been long dead. His species have no emotions, so he can't begin to comprehend the emotional turmoil he puts the girls through. He's doing what he knows is right, he warns the girls about forming contracts, and he does grant them wishes instead of forcing the magic upon them. All things considered, he isn't as evil as people say, and he doesn't deserve as much hate as he gets.

Also he targets people when they're emotional and at their moment of need, since the most emotional girls become the most powerful lesbians.

The series has amazing music. Not only do we get a lot of intense, heart-pumping battle music, but we also get beautiful, mellow themes.

It's a show with an engaging, clever story, enjoyable characters, great battle scenes, awesome music, and wonderful art. I really recommend this series. A better fan can probably give you a better description and review of the series, but here's my take.

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    You forgot to mention the best character of all.
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    "puta magi"


    a;ready seen it, i didnt expect the hype train to go quickly
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    Glad you enjoyed it! ^^


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