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Almost 2013!

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I was going to do a huge blog in which I would have mentioned a lot of people, but do you know just how much effort that is?Besides, my friends know who they are, especially the ones I speak to every day. So instead I'll make a little blog with some lists and some goals I'd like to achieve in 2013 but will likely forget about completely.

  • Didn't manage to get a job
  • Probably spent too much time online than I should have
  • Probably spent more money than necessary on things I didn't need
  • My Cat died, which was pretty depressing because I'd had her for so long

  • I was modded
  • Made some bitchin new friends
  • Became section head for Pokmon World
  • Got good grades, even with my teacher losing my work
  • Actually read more
  • Also watched more films
  • Got two kittens
  • Didn't die

Overall, not a bad year really I guess. Actually, I consider myself pretty lucky that the worst thing I can recall for this year was my cat passing away, so I'm kind of grateful of this in a way, as a lot of people aren't as lucky as I am. I think the highlight of this year is the all the new friends I've made, because like I said before, they're some of the nicest, funniest and just overall cool people I've ever (not)met. Especially Emily heheh.

Stuff (I'd like) to do in 2013

  • Put more effort into learning a new language
  • Get a proper job
  • Learn to play an instrument

So that's that. If I remember, I'll make a blog like this, just before 2014, and I can see if I've done anything on the list. Won't that be fun!

Have a good new year everyone!

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  1. Froakie's Avatar
    I'm glad you put that you didn't die this year I was starting to worry.

    I'm glad you had a good 2012, and I hope 2013 is even better for you. Thanks for putting up with me throughout the year, I'm so glad I've gotten to know you, and here's to 2k13~


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