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Rome: Total War Tournaments

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I had this weird idea to create various tournaments to decide which factions in Rome: Total War had the best units of each category. Each time the battle was on Grassy Flatlands map and both sides had full experience, armour and attack.

I started off with melee infantry, leaving out Numidia this round through random selection to make an even 16.

Round 1

Rome (House of Julii) (Urban Cohort) vs Spain (Bull Warriors)

Macedon (Royal Pikemen) vs Carthage (Sacred Band)

Egypt (Desert Axemen) vs Scythia (Axemen)

Selucid Empire (Silver Shield Legionaries) vs Germania (Chosen Axemen)

Parthia (Eastern Infantry) vs Britannia (Chosen Swordsmen)

Pontus (Bronze Shields) vs Armenia (Heavy Spearmen)

Gaul (Chosen Swordsmen) vs Greek Cities (Spartan Hopilites)

Dacia (Falxmen) vs Thrace (Basternae)

Round 2

Rome vs Macedon

Scythia vs Selucid Empire

Britannia vs Pontus

Greece vs Thrace


Rome vs Selucid Empire

Greek Cities vs Britannia

The Final

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  1. tyler212's Avatar
    I'm putting my money on Carthage for heavy Calvary with their war elephants


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