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I'm Bored

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I'm still in Texas, but I'm back.

Now, something very important to me happened while I was here. Something that many of you don't give a second thought to, but something that is just a precious memory of days long gone to me.

It snowed.

I was born in Michigan, but that was only so I could be a full-fledged citizen of the United States. After I was born, my family packed up and went back home in Peurto Rico. We only lived there for about half a year after I got there, because my mom didn't want to raise a kid in Party Central. We moved to Texas, where my brother was born, but I was much too young to remember that, either. Next, we moved to New Mexico, and it was there, at the age of three, in the year 2000, that I recieved my first memory, and, up until Christmas of this year, my only memory of snow.

When it started raining ice crystals in the morning on Christmas, my brother and I were both really excited. As we sat with the family, ate lunch, and started up a Christmas movie on Netflix, al we could think about was that it might start snowing.

Oh, and you have to understand that my brother was still too young to remember anything when we were in New Mexico. I remember him playing with dad off to the side of that first memory of mine, but he doesn't. This was an even bigger deal to him than it was to me.

And then it snowed! IT SNOWED, YOU GUYS. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I had my first snow ball fight, I made my first snow angel, I pissed my name in the snow for the first time I walked inside feeling like my fingers were about to fall off for the first time, and all of that. Actually, just look at the pictures I took.

So there we go.

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    That's awesome. Snow rocks. I was even born in a blizzard.
  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    And I forgot to mention that on Christmas, I went to see Les Miserables and liked it a lot. :D


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