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Time to bust up the bandwagon with something totally unrelated.

Just visited my favorite pokemon pic site, pokememes, expecting lulz. There were some pretty good ones up that make me lol.

Some made me bawwwww.

One kinda irked me with it's truthfulness.

But there was one that really got to me, made me a little sad. Both as a pokemon fan and a trainer, this meme...

Hey! I was ahead of the curve! Go me.

All joking aside, I mean, really? Really? So we've stopped attacking each other over what IS pokemon and what isn't and are instead attacking each other's playing style? That's really sad. I mean yes, I EV train my pokemon, I will not even attempt to hide that, but that's so that I stand a chance in the competitions and prove that you CAN win/compete with your favorites. I agree with EV training to a point, and fixing moves so that you are taken seriously, but there is such thing as going overboard, even in Pokemon.

I was once told that if you are going into a professional tournament, you need to have a professional attitude, and that if you want to play casually you should play with friends. Going into a tournament not caring if you win or lose belittles those who do take it seriously.

So what, just because I`d rather have Blaziken over Infernape and being happy just to try my best, I shouldn't be allowed to compete? Well that belittles ME and the OTHER people who play pokemon to have fun, not to win. From the beginning of time, tournaments existed for one purpose: to test your abilities and see how well you stack with others of the same interest. The Olympics, for example, were created to bring about harmony within the Greek Nation-States. Instead of fighting and killing each other, they came together to compete in sports and proved who was superior by physical prowess instead of who lived and who died.

These tournaments SHOULD mean the same thing, at least to me. I`m all for giving and getting advice on how to help my pokemon be awesome. Hell, I wouldn't even BE on Bulbagarden if I wasn't interested in what others had to say in terms of how to raise my pokemon. Bulbapedia is my pokemon bible, dude.

But at the same time, I won't stand for someone saying MY team is shit and that I should use THEIR team or the global champion's team. And when someone comes and asks me how they can make their Luvdisc awesome, I`m not gonna say "Luvdisc is shit, you should get something better like Feraligatr or Milotic instead.". I`ll look up Luvdisc's page on Bulba and recommend what stats to enhance and what moves to get it.

Just like in the generation debate, I`m taking a spot in the middle of the two sides. I won't just throw out random pokemon that look pretty blindly into battle, but I`m not gonna go in and breed the "best" pokemon over and over until I get perfect IV's and Natures. When I compete, I will use my favorites. They will have EV's maxed out in the way I want, and have moves that I think are good for them. They might not be the pokemon or moves that Smogonites would use, but I`m not a Smogonite, and from everything I`ve heard about Smogon I don't think I will ever be. I am a 21 year old girl who lives in North East Missouri, and I love pokemon and the people apart of it. I am proud of each and every pokemon I train, and win or lose, Tournament or not, I always will be. Anyone who has a problem with that can go kick a Gyarados.

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Updated 21st December 2012 at 05:27 PM by Catilena1890

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  1. tyler212's Avatar

    Also the Joltik comic was cute. I don't understand how Gamefreak made a tick so cute.
  2. Catilena1890's Avatar

    I dunno either, but they are freaking adorable <3
  3. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    I haven't seen anything in the way of casual vs. competitive lately.

    The Ash pic makes me sad though.
  4. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Whimsy I`ve seen quite a few memes for/against it, and started a mini-debate in my blog shortly before the 2012 Autumn Friendly about it.

    Me too, it's not fair ;3;
  5. Kyriaki's Avatar

    The Joltik comic was so cuute!!! XDD !!! *squeee*
  6. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Dark Blueberry Oh hewo there, and yus, yes it was <3


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