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About myself, if you want to know

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Okay, despite being a member of the forums for just over three years, I've never really introduced myself. Probably due to my innate shyness and nervousness. So I guess I should remedy that.

I'm a 23 year-old dork, er, guy who has a passion for gaming, collecting, and writing. When it comes to gaming, there are two particular game series I'm very fond of. Sorry, it's not Pokemon, although I am fond of it, it's not the top two. They are the Breath of Fire series and the Ratchet and Clank series. Some (or many) of you have probably heard of Ratchet and Clank. The futuristic, space traveling, high-powered weapons action/adventure game involving the cool Lombax hero Ratchet, and his small robotic/Zoni partner Clank (real name: XJ0461). I admit, I didn't hear of Ratchet and Clank right away. I first learned about it when I was in a hospital, and it has since become a cherished game series (though some of the games are better than others). Probably because I'm such a techie and handyman, plus all the futuristic stuff and space travel spurs my interest.

The other game series, however, I doubt many of you know. If you do know it, then kudos, as it's a lesser known series. Breath of Fire has been my all-time favorite game series since I first played it. It's a classic RPG situation, but with very interesting characters, and moving stories. In every game, there is a blue haired warrior from the Dragon Clan named Ryu, as well as a winged blonde princess from the Wyndian Clan (Wing/Bird Clan) called Nina. The only exception to that is Breath of Fire 5, where there was no Dragon or Wyndian Clan, plus Nina wasn't naturally winged or a princess. The game series is fairly old, its origins starting on the Super Nintendo (if memory serves), but slowly moving its way up the consoles. Breath of Fire 1 and 2 were on the Super Nintendo, but then got GBA remakes (with all the glitches and whatnot fixed at the same time), while Breath of Fire 3 and 4 were on the Playstation 1, and the final (atm) game, Breath of Fire 5 on the PS2. Despite being an old series, it was often overshadowed by other RPGs like Final Fantasy, so it's somewhat of an unknown. But the cast of characters, along with the various species of humanoids, made it very fun and interesting. For me, Breath of Fire 3 is the gemstone of the series, and those who know the series agree with me. The Ryus and Ninas have always held a special place in my heart, and I treasure the third game like it was some priceless artifact (well, it kinda is at this point). Various clans include Dragon, Wyndian, Woren (tiger-like humanoids), Grassrunner (humanoids with canine features, such as dog ears or fox tails), Guardian (dragon slayers), Fairy, Endless (gods, basically), and humans. As you can see, it's obviously my favorite game series, despite being so old. That's what they call classics. Sadly, Breath of Fire 5 was a huge insult to the series, pretty much destroying the whole story and gameplay, and many BoF fans agree that it was the pits. Guess it happens to some game series, but what a way to end the series on a sour note. I could go on all day, but I don't wanna waste your time.

Anyway, moving on. I have other gaming interests, such as Pokemon (duh), MegaMan Battle Network and StarForce, Zoids, Digimon, Kid Icarus and Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm also an avid trading card collector, but my interests are small nowadays. My collection now consists of Yugioh, MegaMan NT Warrior, Digimon, and Inuyasha, though MegaMan and Digimon are now extinct card series. I still have my Pokemon card collection, but I don't play it, or collect, anymore, so I'm trying to sell it to someone who would make better use out of it, since I hate leaving it to collect dust.

Outside of gaming, I have moderate artistic skills, though they have diminished over the years. I'm a much better writer, however. I first started writing after the 9/11 attacks to relieve stress and tension from the attacks, but it has since gained a life of its own. My skills were moderate, though my style was highly flawed. But over the years, and after taking a Creative Writing course in college, both my skill and style have improved significantly. Most of my stories are fantasy/sci-fi/action/adventure stories, sometimes mingling all of them together. They are generally composed of chapter-like sections, completing a much larger series. Sadly, many ideas die as quickly as I create them, which can be a real drag. Plus, in the past, I had a really bad habit of writing the first part of the series, unintentionally skipping the middle part, and writing the end of the series, which only served to confuse me. Later (and more successful) series have not had that problem, such as my Zoids series, so they tend to read better. I'm currently writing two different series, one Pokemon-related series, and one somewhat MegaMan-ish series, though I currently have a bad case of writer's block (story of my life).

I'm also a avid fan of anime, but am very picky about what animes I like. Pokemon is one of them, but only AG and DP. My favorite series is probably Zoids Chaotic Century, and, like Breath of Fire, one of my more cherished series. I also like Zoids New Century, MegaMan NT Warrior, Yu-Gi-Oh! (original series only), Teen Titans (I love the humor, having three senses of humor, depending on mood), Digimon, Record of Loddos War, and Inuyasha. I also watch a few old cartoon series from my childhood, such as Garfield and Friends (yes, I like Garfield), Loonatics Unleashed, and Beast Wars. But, again, I'm quite fussy and have a strong distaste for many more "popular" animes, since they don't appeal to me at all. I also like certain movies, like the Ice Age series (I can't get enough of that series), Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (I used to watch the reruns as a kid, and the humor always sent me into a fit of hysterical laughter), Transformers, and others.

Outside of that, I'm very handy (one of three members in the whole family who actually has some degree of handiness), and very good with building and construction. I can even read Japanese model kit instructions (okay, they have pictures, too, but still), usually involving my Zoids model kits, but I'm very good with my hands. I'm also a good cook (a necessity at this points, as my family is known for... leftover casserole... *shivers*), so I tend to spearhead most major dinners (since I don't panic or stress out as easily when it comes to cooking, unlike some members of my family). Sadly, I'm not very social and very paranoid, mainly thanks to a crushing social phobia I gained due to being bullied a lot as a kid. It works hand-in-hand with my already-innate shyness, so internet socializing is about as far as I can go right now, though I'm getting a bit better. This forum (and other sites) has helped me come out of my shell more, so I'm glad I joined.

Anyway, that's enough hot air out of me. That about sums me up (long-winded, eh?), so I won't bore you anymore. Later all.

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  1. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Your anime picks... you seem to like those that involve a lot of battling? I thought you'd have tried Tiger and Bunny as it quite fits your criteria.

    You're a good cook? That's cool! I can barely do anything in the kitchen without having a dish break or whatever disaster. Last time, I accidentally burned down a whole stew that my mother told me to keep watch on... and she doesn't trust me with preparing food anymore. I'm not happy with that as well - as my very limited cooking skills prevent me from having any food at all when there's nobody around ;_; I could buy meals - but not forever...

    Anyways, I'm glad I got to know you XDD You're also one of the few people who's exactly the same age as me - so I'm pretty excited. I'm not a social person and I haven't got many friends in real life. Still, I really like the forums here XDD
  2. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    @Dark Blueberry;
    While a lot of them are combat oriented (Zoids in particular), one main factor is that they either involve something I'm interested in. Yu-Gi-Oh!, for example, involves strategy card games, which I like, while Zoids involves high-tech living machines, again something that interests me. Another factor is humor. All my choices have at least some form of humor, whether it's witty, wry or dry, which are my three senses of humor. But the also have good story telling and more "human" emotions (death of a loved one, loving someone very close, fighting over mundane things such as donuts and cookies, etc...). That's what makes me tick. While, yes, they are combat based, the adventures and humor make it more enjoyable for me, the collective melting pot of all those things in one form. That's what I like.

    Yes, I am a skilled cook and even better baker. Some of my signature dishes include orange duck with rice and peanuts, root beer based bison chili, chili cheese dogs, cheeseburger pie, and my most well known dessert is a vanilla bean cheesecake with white chocolate moose and vanilla bean whipped cream. I had to learn how to cook in order to save myself from my family's disastrous dinners, especially since I'm a super taster, or one who has more and stronger taste buds per square inch. It makes me a picky eater, but the cooking skills remedy that. So, yeah, I'm a hot cook. I can even cook a tammogoyaki (I think that's how you spell it), or a Japanese fried egg roll (ironically, I can't cook a regular omelet, but I can cook a much more complex Japanese version, heh). That about sums it up.
  3. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Then I really really recommend you Tiger & Bunny. It's one of the best anime that came out in 2011, particularly well-known for character development. While it does revolve around the battles of heroes fighting crime, every individual has their own development. Try the first few episodes. I rarely hear someone saying it was a waste of time :D

    I really envy people who are good cooks ;_; If you have to save yourself from disastrous dinners, then I really should do something to save myself from starving... XDD


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