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Y'all finally get to see what all those randoms mentions were :P
And this is a bit disjointed so just bare with me.

So today marks my first Bulbaversary. This past year has been a wonderful and trying year. Because starting about a year ago I was mostly forced to get out and do more with other people, something I don't do well. As I am completely socially awkward. But here helped me learn about most of the current stuff going on so that helped tenfold. And some of you people no matter what I say really have always been there and been a friend.
And now just kinda me rambling about what I did here in the past year.

So at first I didn't do much, I came and signed up and made my welcome thread, but it wasn't really until a weekish later that I really started here. And what better place to start than Fun and Games. So I was there as well as a bit in the battle section, where I joined the 9 Fearless Gym Leaders, now called the Virus Grid(y'all should totally check it out we are looking for challengers, with PO coming on the 21st). So I stayed there for a while and slowly branched out. I think I went to the Writer's Workshop where I read several Fanfics, and in the past year judged 2 of the awards, and a couple other places that I don't really remember. In February I think I decided to see what "Home of the Bulbagarden Mafia" meant, actually I think it was the other games to see what it was like and the first was the turn off point but that is beside the point. So ever since then I have found an eternal home in The War Room, having played in countless games and hosting 3 mafia and 1 1/2 non-mafia games half because it kinda fell through. At least I think that is the right number. Also in February I joined the URPG, another place that I have always been with after I joined. It is full of great people most of the time and was well worth my joining, in all honesty it was that that helped me the most probably. I kinda jumped on and off the radar there for the first few months and full off for half the summer but is is an amazing place and I wouldn't give it up for anything well almost anything. And yeah most of it is kinda boring from then on out. I've peeked in all of the other sections. Oh I nearly forgot, the BCCT, another place of home here. In the latest one I haven't really been there but it is still a home away from home. current regulars you are allowed to bug me to come more, I need the posts. But yeah it is just popping in from here to there in other sections, RPG being one of the ones I haven't really, simply because I utterly fail at being creative :P. Gah I keep forgetting. I was also in the Garden Grotto welcoming people for a long time as well, and again I've kinda fell off.

Now for the giant mentions.

First people on my Friend list.

Now for people from the BCCT and Fun & Games

War Room Peeps

I think that is everyone. But there are a couple stragglers.

Good Ole' Gastly's Mama. Met you way back a while ago in the WW and we have remained in (distant)contact ever since.

...somehow I think that is the only one O_o

Anywho thank you for the most enjoyable year I have had and here is to many more.

grr the mentions won't re-mention.

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  1. Phoenicks's Avatar
    Congrats on a full year! :')

    ("The Phoenicks Days"? Was I worth it? :P)
  2. Dan's Avatar
    oh sup
  3. Kouzan's Avatar
    Hahaha well I JUST noticed this

    Happy /late/ Bulbaversary!!
  4. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary XDD
  5. VirtualAnomaly's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! And yeah, I'm not on as much as I should be xD
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