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A Monologue with I

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One day, I was searching for my Geography class ALL around the school, and I couldn't find it. Conversation with me ensues.

Me: Where the hell are they?

I: I dunno, are you SURE you checked all computer room?

Me: I'm gonna go check D1 again.

(checks D1)

Me: They're not there! Come on, someone would've told me! Maybe they're searching for me!

I: I highly doubt that.

Me: Shut up.

I: What about A block?

Me: YES! You were freaking there!

I: And?

Me: Nothing.

(long pause, I'm walking around desperately)

I: There's only 10 minutes left to the lesson, there's no point searching.

Me: I guess...

I: Good.

Me: But seriously, where the hell are they?

I: How should I know? Stop talking to yourself, you're tiring me.

Me: Fine.

This conversation really happened. Sometimes I talk to myself.

Anyhow, it turned out that my class had always been in the first room I checked. I just looked through the window and somehow didn't notice them.

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  1. 7tx's Avatar
    Dude, I did that exact same thing. Ish. Maybe a little worse.

    I came to school late because I was sitting a driving test and I just wandered around checking rooms asking random teachers where my class was. It turns out it was in the same place it always was. The same place I had checked three times
  2. Blazaking's Avatar
    I talk with myself alot... One half is usually really stupid and the other is smarter lol
  3. Dan's Avatar
    I often have full conversations with myself.
    It's a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde kind of thing up there.
  4. Shiny's Avatar
    Heh, yeah. Any other conversations with myself, I'll put them up as well.


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