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Ash's Pokémon: 44-39

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So, this blog is ranking Ash's Pokémon, from #44 down to the best.

Here we go. At #44, Ash's worst Pokémon is:

Away from last place, let's see who will take up spot #43:

Getting Lower now, to #41

The Penultimate Entry today, at number 40, is:

The last member of the bottom 5, at 39th, is:

Basically, looking at these results, the moral of the story is that mistreated Pokémon become weak.

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  1. Mako's Avatar
    No Primeape?
  2. AlphaMouse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky
    No Primeape?
    It was very close, but given that Primeape won a whole tournament, I thought that he deserved a bit better.


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