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rant - elevator problom persists

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It was bad enough down in michigan having that shit head bitch at me for using the elevator, now people at my home town do this too?
look, just like i said before, either show me where the damn stairs are or don't bitch.
and no, i'm not going to say "Annie can you come everywhere with me even though you're enjoying yourself in this room and i'm only going to be gone for a minute or too?"
if she's doing something i dont want to stop her just to go down to the first floor to get an item when i'm capable of doing it myself (using the elevator to go down as i don't know where the stairs not behind the alarmed fire door are)
What's the deal with everyone and "you need your exercise" bullshit? i'm not at all fat, hell, my 8 year old cousin can hug me and still be able to touch her fingertips, meaning i'm actualy pretty damn skinny., and she has small little hands.
so there goes the exercise argument, i'm healthy and yes i am capable of walking up and down stairs, but again just like before, how am i supposed to do so if i don't know where they are?
why are people so adiment to bitch and moan at me for the dumbest of things, "You're perfectly capable of walking up stairs." like you're not 22 year old and 41 year old?
there ain't no rules saying "you must use the stairs" or anything along those lines, and just like the building in michigan, everyone uses the elevator anyway, so why m i suddenly supposed to take this person's anger? i don't know.
someone should really make shit headedness a criminal offense. don't make me call katniss everdeen!

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Updated 15th December 2012 at 11:50 AM by Azumarill39



  1. Azumarill39's Avatar
    normally i would have said boo hoo to myself, but it's getting to the point where i have to bring annie with me so i don't end up in jail for punching these people's noses. it's really that annoying, and i hate having to interupt annie especially when she's chatting, it's not fair to her at all. i wish darkrai was real so i could send it after these people.