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Smash Brothers 4 Moveset Idea: The Dark Angel Dark Pit!

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Intro: When looking over my character list, I realized I had made an error, and only had 49 Characters as opposed to the even 50 (I miscounted when I re-added Mewtwo, forgetting he replaced Lucario, and thus the roster wasn't being added to). So, I wanted my Roster to be even. Who to add? Well, I figured I had enough new series characters at 6, enough 3rd-Party at 4, and all the big villains were counted for. Who was left? There's Ghirahim, but I already added Tingle, his own series, sure, but still basically a Zelda dude. Plus another sword user wasn't really needed.

So I decided on Dark Pit. Kid Icarus is Sakurai's new series so, hey, why wouldn't it get another rep (along with Medusa), and, you know, clone characters are kind of a staple in fighting series, why not go with a clone character that actually works? And thus Dark Pit, giving the roster another "anti-hero" alongside Meta Knight. Although Dark Pit is similar to Pit, he's not a true clone...his main similarities lie in his physical structure, but he'd play differently. While Pit is more-or-less "classic" Kid Icarus, Dark Pit represents Uprising instead as, like Vaan in Dissidia 012, he utilizes multiple weapons giving him a unique style. Read on!

Oh, and there's something special about Dark Pit...while the game's text refers to him as Dark Pit, the announcer and audience will instead call him "Pitoo".

Theme Songs/Intro: Dark Pit's theme is...Dark Pit's Theme!

His Stage Intro has Pandora's Mirror appear with Pit on it, as suddenly it cracks and Dark Pit emerges!

His Victory Music is a Latin-y rendition of the Kid Icarus Series Victory Theme.

Colors: By the way, Pit loses his Dark Pit Alt. All of Dark Pit's alts have him keep his dark hair, while all of Pit's keep his brown hair, so they can be told apart. His colors are all inversed versions of Pit's colors.

Alternate Costume: Dark Pit dresses like Cupit from Sennen Kazoku. That means he's wearing a goofy blonde wig, and he's got fake white wings...sitting on his shoulders above his real, black wings?

Physical Characteristics: Dark Pit is virtually identical to Pit, except his color scheme is darker (duh), and his animations are different and more "ferocious" than Pit's. Anthony Del Rio returns to voice both Pit and Dark Pit from Uprising.

The only basic differences between Pit and Dark Pit is that Dark Pit is a bit faster and less floatier, with only two normal jumps that are weaker as well. They are the same height and weight, however.

Normals: Dark Pit's Normals are interesting as depending on which normal he uses, he switches to a different weapon (9 total possibilities) with its own power and range. And that's not all...after using that normal attack , he'll remain holding the last weapon he used, which he'll then utilize for his Special Attacks. So, with Dark Pit, choosing the best normal (weapon) for the job is an important strategy, and then using it to combo into a Special Move! It takes Dark Pit a bit to switch to a different weapon, but he can spam normals utilizing the same weapon faster. Here are the weapons!

* Tiger Claws: Utilized for Dark Pit's Neutral A and Dash Attack. Close-range and low knock-back, but super-fast.
* First Blade: Utilized for Dark Pit's Strong Side and Side Smash. Lots of damage, decent knock-back, and decent speed.
* Ogre Club: Utilized for Dark Pit's Strong Down and Down Smash. Slow, but strong knock-back.
* Crusher Arm: Utilized for Dark Pit's Strong Up and Up Smash. Low-range, but fast and powerful.
* Silver Bow: Utilized for Dark Pit's Neutral and Forward Aerial. Low power, but fast and ranged as the arrow flies slightly ahead of DP.
* Dark Pit Staff: Utilized for Dark Pit's Up Aerial and Down Aerial. Long-range like the Bow, but slower...but picks up speed as it flies upward/downward.
* Standard Orbitars: Utilized for Dark Pit's Back Aerial and Glide Attack. The Orbitars quickly rotate around Dark Pit, knocking foes away.
* EZ Cannon: Utilized for Dark Pit's Forward and Back Throw. A giant cannon blows the foe away, burning them.
* Violet Palm: Utilized for Dark Pit's Up and Down Throws. Dark Pit shoots little beams out of his palms, racking up a lot of damage, but not sending them that far.

Pit's Grab, by the way, is a fast but short-range grab with his hands. His pummel has him kick the foe.

Dark Pit is hard to master due to this complex system, but very powerful when he is.

Neutral-B: Long Range Attack: Like Pit's Arrows, Dark Pit fires the weapon he has currently equipped. They each have their own effect.

* Tiger Claws: Shoots out a stream of claw-bullets forward (they disappear after a short distance), racking up damage and being quick and efficient, although with no knock-back. When holding B, Dark Pit can move his arm around, changing the trajectory of the bullets.
* First Blade: Dark Pit charges up, and then fires off a blade-bullet in the direction he's facing. Decent range, decent power, decent speed...all around average.
* Ogre Club: Dark Pit shoots a large, red projectile forward. Low charge time, but very slow-moving and easy to dodge. It's very powerful when it does hit, however. Dark Pit can't aim it.
* Crusher Arm: Dark Pit fires off small, decent-speed round projectiles. They have low range, but come out quickly enough and do decent damage. Dark Pit can aim them around by moving his arm.
* Silver Bow: Works just like Pit's Arrows.
* Dark Pit Staff: Charges up, and then Dark Pit shoots a orange orb in the direction he's facing. It's slow moving, but speeds up and increases in power the further it travels.
* Standard Orbitars: By holding B, the Orbitars fire off weak, but speedy, projectiles. Each Orbitar fires a different projectiles, and will home in on the two closest foes.
* EZ Cannon: Dark Pit aims, and fires off a large explosive that will explode on impact with a wall or character, acting like a weaker B-Bomb from Star Fox. It has a long-charge time, however, and you'll need to grab a foe first in order to equip it to Dark Pit.
* Violet Palm: Dark Pit aims, and sends out a powerful orb which homes in on foes. Not the strongest, but with great homing range they are good projectiles regardless.

Side-B: Melee Attack: Like Pit's Angel Ring, Dark Pit uses the equipped weapon as a melee weapon. They have unique range/power depending on the weapon. They don't reflect projectiles, however.
* Tiger Claws: Dark Pit slashes forward quickly from an "X", low-range but lots of quick damage.
* First Blade: Average power, with Dark Pit slashing in an "+" pattern.
* Ogre Club: Dark Pit swings back, and then swings forward with the Ogre Club, his whole body being propelled forward.
* Crusher Arm: Dark Pit reaches forward and slams the Crusher Claw shut, squashing foes and causing great damage. Low range, though.
* Silver Bow: Like Pit's Angel Ring.
* Dark Pit Staff: Dark Pit thrusts the staff forward quickly multiple times, long range and speed but really weak. The final thrust is slightly stronger and pointed.
* Standard Orbitars: The Orbitars spin around Dark Pit as B is held, their speed and range from Dark Pit steadily increasing.
* EZ Cannon: Dark Pit charges up, and then shoots forward, the blade on the cannon slicing through foes. Long charge time, but will cut through multiple foes.
* Violet Palm: Dark Pit quickly shoots forwards towards the newest foes, and unleashes a barrage of punches.

Up-B: Power of Flight: Like Pit's Wings of Icarus, although Dark Pit, like in Uprising, lasts longer and is much quicker, but harder to control. Less useful for just recovery, it allows Dark Pit to move around the stage with great speed.

Down-B: Side-Step: Dark Pit's counter move from Kid Icarus Uprising, when used, Dark Pit will briefly flash...if he's hit by a physical attack during this brief period, he'll quickly go into invincible frames and dash around behind the opponent, which you can then quickly attack before they have a chance to react. The activation frames of the counter are so short, though, you need GREAT timing to use it. It's a counterpart to Pit's own counter, Mirror Shield, although specializing in physical as opposed to projectiles.

3DS Final Smash: Weapon Barrage: Dark Pit flies off the screen into the foreground, and whips out all 9 of his weapons. He then rapid-fires bullets from each of them that fly at the screen, hurting any foes that get in the rain of bullets. To aim Dark Pit, his player moves around the 3DS using the gyrometer. The bullets look different, but all do the same amount of damage. There's low knock-back, but it lasts a decent length of time and you'll be able to rack up a lot of damage, allowing Dark Pit to swoop in afterward and finish the job.

Wii U Smashformation: Dark Armor: Dark Pit is equipped with the high-tech armor belonging to the Dark Team Fighters from Kid Icarus Uprising! In this mode, Dark Pit has stronger defenses, and is able to switch between his weapons faster than ever. Furthermore, all the weapons get an overall boost in attack power.

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    Would be cool if he could use a move consisting of grabbing an arrow with his hands and quick-stabbing with it.


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