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A Vicious Circle

It's (about) time

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It's gen VI hype time. Will it be something new, or will it be the return of Mewtwo.

ポケモンスマッシュ! - YouTube

All aboard.

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  1. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    I think it's just a new Colosseum-style game.
  2. TheShinyMiner's Avatar
    That, and M16
  3. System Error's Avatar
    We need a high quality version of the guy in the white suit so we can 'shop him into random things
  4. Oswin's Avatar
    Genesect movie.
  5. GatoRage's Avatar
    Dunsparce evo.
  6. The Outrage's Avatar
    Spikey-haired Igglybuff
  7. OceanicWildfire's Avatar


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