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Darkrai's Dream

I'm sad now...

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I'm reminded of when I first came here, and now I miss that time. I always miss the time when I first came to a place I am now currently used to. I can still remember when BulbyRed was getting annoyed at me for not going anywhere but Fun and Games. But what really makes me in a slump is how much everything and everyone has changed. When I first met Midorikawa, it was so fun to blather on about creepypasta. Now, it seems she just fangirls over Zexal. I used to chat with *~Wigglytuff~* a lot, and now it seems I hardly ever say a word to her anymore. I don't think I've seen Kakuna Matata for months, and Thuzle doesn't trade hack Pokémon anymore. For quite a while, it seems that the Last Poster Wins thread has been dominated by Zexal, and I miss the time when older threads dominated Fun and Games, like Above User Died of, which got new replies every five seconds.

But it isn't even just that. It seems like it's hard to talk to people recently. Like I'm an outcast. It feels like no one pays any attention to me, or just brushes me aside, in the real world, and online. Of course, I probably shouldn't even expect anyone to care, and that you would like it most if I just moap in a corner, and out of your way...

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  1. Baf's Avatar
    What you're going through, you're just sick of how the forums are no longer interesting and exciting. Step out of FnG and try other threads, maybe post in the clubs. You're just going through a rough patch.
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Don't feel that way :) We're all friendly here. I think you should try some other threads here. I used to dominate the FnG corner with my name as the last poster, but nowadays I'm more into mafias, and the Pokemon anime and other stuff. Try rotating your interests. You may make new friends, or meet an old friend somewhere unexpectedly.
  3. Kaori's Avatar
    Precisely like what Fab and Dark Blueberry have said, I would advise trying new things. Spread your wings around here! Even I generally only stick around the grotto, Entertainment, Inc., OtB, sometimes the bus and occasionally browse other places, but when I want a change or new friends I spend more time in any given place I don't usually visit much. It's a natural cycle; you immerse yourself, then eventually that might get old, so you take a break or look in another place. That's just how most things work in life, so embrace it as a chance to try new things rather than letting yourself feel left behind. When I felt tired and unproductive on the forums, I applied to become a mod so I could contribute in a way I felt I'd do well, and that changed everything up. I now have a sense of purpose around here and although it might not show much or be right for everyone, it worked for me and now I gradually try to pool and build on ideas to contribute and become involved more - which is something we can all do, whether we're staff or not.

    Let yourself try to take new opportunities, big and small. You'll soon find a place for yourself again.
  4. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    xD User Above Died of as an older thread? BAHAHAHAHA THAT MADE ME LAUGH xD But seriously, I agree with Destiny Queen. Go somewhere else for a while, get interested in other things, ect.
  5. Ebail's Avatar
    I hear you about LPW, it's why I stopped going into the thread since I lost interest in Zexal, but still the site has a lot more to offer. OtB is always a good place to go, to see people ramble out what they're doing and such, and a place to make some new good friends. Or, the Garden Grotto works, where you can meet new members, and form a friendship with them. There's a lot out there on here for you to do, so you can remain interested, and, like DB said, make some new friends, or see older ones.
  6. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I know how you feel,User_Name. Ive been through the exact same thing numerous times. Sometimes, I dont recocognize how people are here any more and sometimes feel like a stranger myself. Sometimes I dont know how this place is anymore but I stick around anyway because I feel leaving would be stupid. I try going to new forums and posting in lots of threads to keep this place fun.
  7. Pain Split's Avatar
    It seems that most of you aren't getting it. @Fab;, @TheCapsFan; @Ebail;, and @Dark Blueberry;, I've been doing stuff on other parts of the forum a lot lately. As for @Kaori; I just don't think you're getting it either.
    It's not that I'm tired of the stuff I'm used to, but rather that I wish that everything was the way it was before, and that I didn't feel like an outcast or third wheel.
  8. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Nah, I know what you're talking about because I've been through it before.
  9. Kaori's Avatar
    We've all been there, y'know. :/ But sometimes changes are something you just have to accept and grow with is all. If you feel like that, well, it's just up to you to make yourself stop feeling like that by involving yourself again. Otherwise there's little else you can do imo.


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