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Am I a Horrible Person? (Part 2)

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Once again, I have proven myself once again to be nothing more than a mere monster, because I've been banned for the second time. Not only am I never going to be a mod anytime, but it has also tarnished my perfect attendance at the Random Images thread. Nobody seems to understand the pain and suffering I have to go through in my life and my days on the internet before I joined this forum. I tried to be more like the popular SPPF user, BCVM22, who taught me that there's such a thing as good and bad opinions and harshly proves the statements of gullible users wrong, but all I received was negative counter-arguments to my long-researched theories/ideas, to the point where I have to give up my opinions altogether because they really are as horrible as they are. What's worse is that I lost my friendship with Kaori, who told me to never speak to her again (making me assume that she wants to be my enemy), for she was tired of giving me advices I refused to follow for not only reminding me how horrible my life is, but also contradicting what BCVM22 said to me about opinions. I never wanted that to happen, and I'm trying to find a way to restore our friendship. All of this has happened because of my SSB4 character list, my episodic chronic stress about the future of the quality of movies and video games, and my stubborn personality. It makes me wish I was never a deep-thinker to begin with, or better yet, not human anymore. But I do not wish to be suicidal because there's so many things I want to see and go before I die. I don't know what I should do by now...

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  1. Garren's Avatar
    I wouldn't look towards Cyrus from Pokemon as a "role-model". Dude's a psychopath.

    Nice haircut though.
  2. Winter Rain's Avatar
    Moral of the story: Don't believe everything you read, see, or hear.
  3. Faerie's Avatar
    Because I think subjectively[s](like the majority of the population...)[/s], I do think there are good and bad opinions. However, sometimes its not so clear, and I think that's when you should learn to accept both opinions.

    And I think its best to apologize to Kaori and give her some space, like the others have said. If you try to enforce your opinion(s) towards someone who already has an established opinion, but they don't accept it, its not always that they're being stubborn, but simply the way they genuinely feel. Just accept that, because they probably accept your opinions too - they just don't agree with it. There's always going to be someone who doesn't agree with you.

    And...try to have your own stance on things, Ghetsis-Dennis. ^^ You've gotta think for yourself too - don't just always go with whatever you read online or what some popular figure online says.
    Updated 29th November 2012 at 02:14 AM by Faerie
  4. winstein's Avatar
    It would seem that your ego got the better part of you. You got the self-importance part (thinking your opinions are of utmost important), the self interest part (wanting to win an argument), and guilt (trying to think that everything is your fault when it is not necessarily yours, fueling your depression). Please cast away your egotism. Nobody (sensible) likes an egotist. It would be ideal to practise humility. Also know that your opinions are not the be-all-end-all of them, so don't think that they matter. The truth is, your opinions are not more important that other people's.

    It is evident that almost everyone here cares about you, so please give it some thought and take advice from people who actually care. I found it strange that you didn't actually follow good advice that others have said (to the point that some got fed up with you). One day, you might wish there are those who care for your well-being, but regret that you didn't make good use of the help they gave you. Nobody can change you, except yourself.

    I wouldn't say you won't have a chance of being a mod. When you weren't around, someone else made a similar sentiment. He is now called Achroma. He was troublesome back when Bulbagarden used VBulletin 3. While he laments of being unable to become a mod, he managed to redeem himself and became not only a mod, but a Super mod too. He had to retire due to real life issues, so he's not seen around anymore. What I am saying is, redeem yourself, and you might have a chance.

    Thanks for reading.
    Updated 29th November 2012 at 09:01 AM by winstein
  5. Night Sky's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghetsis-Dennis
    I am my true self: A person who copy/pastes other people's opinions to form them as my own to gain respect from those exact people, because deep down, everyone knows they're right and everyone else is wrong. I want to seek the truths of this world, so I can become some form of deity.
    I'm having a rather difficult time taking you seriously right now...
    But anyway. You're not doing anyone any favors by making a blog entry dedicated to throwing a fit because people don't agree with your oh-so-informed opinion among other things.
    Lastly, I pretty much stand with what Professor Erin said. Give the girl some privacy if her friendship actually means that much to you, instead of doing this.
  6. Buoy's Avatar
  7. Momoka's Avatar
    No one has a right opinion and no one has a wrong one. In the end, all we can do and say is what we feel. Surely you must have an opinion somewhere, you might just be afraid to say it. Because no one is just a person who copies what others say.

    And it really wouldn't hurt to speak with your OWN head sometime.
  8. Kagerou's Avatar
    I don't think anyone should consider themselves to be a horrible person. G-D, everyone has their positive traits, and the traits that are undesired at the same time. :) I have been banned a couple times, too. I felt horrible, but the people around me convinced me, even after being upset and regretful, that I am not bad, so I am passing this down to you. ^_^ I don't like seeing people upset because I know exactly how it feels and truly want the best for everyone here.

    Just smile, everything will be okay. ;)
  9. Azumarill39's Avatar
    Here's the real truth. you're not a horrible person if you don't believe you are. I don't think you are but what is my oppinion. if she can't except who you are and what you like then it's not worth bieng her friend. Annie and i are close friends because though we sometimes have differing oppinions, she ultimately excepts that i have my oppinion and i except that she has hers. so if your friend cant except what you like or who you are then maybe it's not worth it, tbh. like kirsty hawkshaw says in her song "just be me": "Face up to the fact that you are who you are, and nothing can change that belief, just be." mmkay? good.
  10. Azumarill39's Avatar
    If it is a matter of excepting ones oppinion, then maybe you both need to learn to except each other's oppinion. fact is, is that you're not always going to be what your friends will always want you to, but that doesn't make you a bad person.
    "you can travvle the world but you can't run away from the person you are in your heart, you can be who you want to be make us believe in you keep all your light in the dark. if you're searching for truth you must look in the mirror and make sense of what you can se, just be." Kristy Hawkshaw - Just be me. also "They say learning to love yourself is the first step if you take what you want to be real, but flying on planes to exotic locations won't teach you how you really feel, face up to the fact that you are who you are and nothing can change that belief, just be." also from said song by hawkshaw. might want to show these lyrics to your friend too, along with an appology, but either way you're not a horrible person and that's that, mmkay?
  11. John Understands's Avatar
    I'm going to take a guess and say there'll be a part 3 to this.
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