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Dark and cold. Leave while you have a chance.

Sweet dreams are made of this.

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So I had a very vivid dream last night . . .

I turned up to my Spanish exam at school, but for some reason my Spanish and German exams were at the same time, so I had to sit both in three hours. Instead of the gym or a classroom, the exam was out in the S block courtyard. Even though L3 Spanish was meant to be the only exam, there were nearly a hundred people there. So I sat down and eventually realised that the papers sitting on my desk weren't mine, so I stood up and went to ask about it. Turns out my exam was actually in the T block toilets (nobody else, just me) so off I trundled, worrying about whether Mr Tizzard could tell I hadn't shaved.

There was no supervision or anything in the bathroom, so I sat there with my iPod in and did the exams. No idea how the listening portions worked. I think I had my Spanish exercise book as well, though I didn't cheat. I remember vague bits about what was in the exam – something about cows, something about boats . . . it was hard, though. And I was doing two exams at once, so I had little time. After finishing and comparing notes with the other people in my class, they mentioned questions I hadn't done, so I had this sickening realisation that I had actually just not seen about half of the paper due to being an idiot.

By this point I was back at S block, where a classmate was rounding everybody up onto a series of party buses. Somehow I ended up riding shotgun (I know, buses don't have passenger seats) and for some reason my dad was in the driver's seat, though he wasn't driving. He seemed a little perplexed by everything as well. So the bus was driving, gradually getting faster, and we were driving through a big city at night. There were bloody overpasses everywhere. Eventually, I noticed some of the other buses – driving at breakneck speeds by now – had started to lift off the ground. I barely had time to hold onto my lunch before ours took off too. However, whoever was driving the bus decided that just that wasn't good enough for him, so it proceeded to barrel roll several times before I blacked out – from G-force or fear, I'm not sure.

Miraculously, I arrived at our destination without soiling myself. The buses spat us out onto this jetty (yes, they could float too) on a really nice-looking island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. I found out it was called Virgin Cuba Libre (which is basically a rum and coke without the rum – thanks, Sheldon Cooper) but my dreamy, post-Spanish-exam brain translated it as 'free virgins' and I kind of have no idea where the dream went from there.

I have vague memories of a very pretty girl with peach-coloured hair, who was actually Roman somehow and had been trapped on this island for centuries. She kept disappearing underwater . . . I think the island was flooding. All my classmates just kept partying (probably with all the 'free virgins') while I was trying to help this one girl off the island. I remember something about a door with many locks on it . . . I don't know. In the end, I seem to recall that the price for her escaping the island was that she basically had to die. But then she didn't? Or she came back, and . . . I don't know. There was a vaguely happy ending.

Then I 'woke up' and realised the part about the island had been a dream. I'd fallen asleep on the bus home after my exam, so I went in and told Mum and Dad about how I screwed up the exam. They weren't impressed, as you can imagine, but they were understanding and quite indignant I'd been made to sit two at once.

So I went out again (I don't know why, it was gone six p.m. by this point) and the girl from the island was there. Which confused me because I had been sure that was a dream. And then I started to wonder if THIS was a dream.

And then she kissed me, and I woke up. THIS close to a lucid dream. OTL

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  1. Seizon Senryaku's Avatar
    NB: for Spanish speakers out there, I am well aware that 'libre' =/= 'gratis' in regards to 'free', but that's dream logic for you.


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