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ME: Uhm hi.
How are you?
Me: Good.
CB: Good is good.
Me: Uh-huh...
CB: I am sleepy, now.
Me: Then take a nap.
CB: I have to go to bed soon.
Me: Okay.
CB: Do you like me?
Me: Quite unsure.
CB: Do you love?
Me: nope.avi
CB: Win!
Me: Congratulation!
CB: Thank You.
Me: You are very welcome.
CB: When do you think I was born.
Me: I dunno. I'll say years ago.
CB: I need more love than that.
Me: Okay, the 90s.
CB: What is that?
Me: The 1990s.
CB: It is the 23rd.
Me: Of what?
CB: Of everything.
Me: Is that so?
CB: Yes.
Me: Is it your 23rd birthday, then?
CB: No.
Me: Ah. But if it is the 23rd of everything, but it's the 1st of December.
CB: You are not making sense again.
Me: Well I apologize for not making sense.
CB: It's okay. What are you doing?
Me: Um...sitting. Using the internet.
CB: How can you use a computer?
Me: It's simple, really.
CB: Yes, you are simple.
Me: Thank you?
CB: Please.
Me: Uhm...goodbye.
CB: Well that was awkward.

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  1. Pain Split's Avatar
    Oh gosh. You'll never know what that wacky Cleverbot will say next...


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