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Not a typical first blog...

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But I need to get this down. Since today marks the first day of December, it means
in less than three weeks we'll find out if all those doomsday theorists and "great change"
predictors were actually right. Of course, things were suppose to end in 2000 and they
didn't so..yeah,not sure about this one but..what about you guys? What's your opinion?
Have you seen any signs or what not?

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  1. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Yup. People are going to experience falling temperatures and see their friends and relatives putting up holiday decorations.
    In all honesty, I don't think anything's going to happen. There isn't anything out of the ordinary at the moment, and it's unlikely there will be anything that will happen.
  2. Shadows's Avatar
    ...Whoa. To be quite honest, I completely forgot about the whole "doomsday" thing. :P (It just shows how much I think it's going to happen. XD)

    [s]...actually, now that I'm thinking about this, I'd kinda like to get a sweatshirt that says "I survived 12/12/12" on it. That would be pretty awesome. Hmm... /is being random[/s]
  3. Gaga's Avatar
    Nothing will happen and fanatics will come up with another date.

    Psh, everyone knows the Earth is destroyed by the Sun in 5 billion years anyway ;)
  4. Baf's Avatar
    The only damage that will be caused by the doomsday prediction is the damage that moronic believers will do. The hysteria may cause crime to increase, for example a last minute theft spree in the belief that since they'll die, it won't matter.
  5. Niji's Avatar
    Yup, the aliens will come and destroy all life and feast on our flesh. At first they threatened the Mayans, but then they came to consensus to return when the population is higher. Yup, definitely true.
  6. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I know for sure it not going to be the end of the world but big part of me hopes that the world doesn't end but SOMETHING happens! A slide portal is opened, involuntary time travel of a random few (me) North Korea gets liberated by a demigod. I don't know SOMETHING
  7. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    The only thing notable about the 21st will be its startling lack of an apocalypse.
  8. Ebail's Avatar
    They didn't count in the leap year, so it was suppose to end months ago.

    Now, in reality, it's the day Garlic Jr will escape from the Dead Zone, again, and try to take over the Earth by making everyone on it evil, again.
  9. John Understands's Avatar
    School'll end for me for Winter Break.

    Nothing will happen, other than Christmas being nearer.
  10. OceanicWildfire's Avatar
    No scientific evidence for me means that we will all wake up on December 22 and feel bad for those poor, poor people who hid in their basemnts expecting something...

    No, seriously, I honestly do not feel like anything is going to happen.


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