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Played an amazing Monopoly game

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My aunt, uncle, and cousins came over today from
Austin, Texas. It was too dismal and rainy to really go anywhere, so we stayed at home and started a game of Monopoly. My brother, me, my aunt, and my cousin were the four players. Eventually, my cousin managed to beat my aunt and brother because he got Boardwalk and Park Place, the two most expensive properties. So it was down to him and me. I had the entire row of cheap properties, from the starting point to Jail (browns and light blues). And by this time, he also had the greens and yellows, so I was pretty much screwed.
Except I wasn't. For almost half an hour, I managed to stretch out the game by being sent to jail, landing on Chance, etc. until I had about $5000 in [I]cash[/I], since he kept landing on my cheap properties time and time again. I managed to land on Park Place three times and pay out of my pocket. He was so mad. I went around the board about fifteen times without landing on anything of his.

So yeah, it was fun. I lost in the end though, my luck didn't last forever. :P

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Man I havent played Monopoly in forever .-. I used to love that game.