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Star-Spangled Banner badly translated.

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Says you can find the O Dawn's early light.
We welcome bright and proudly the last mystery is greatly appreciated.
A dangerous battle of its broad stripes and bright stars
O 3 streaming or er gs we saw the wall of Kai Kai
Air bombs, rockets red glare light burst
Japan is still accept the night flag.
Star-Spangled Banner yet wave and o
Courageous free home and land O '-er?

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Calvin's Avatar

    Yep, that's blind idiot translation for ya.
  2. John Understands's Avatar



    What the fuck? horrible translation.

    What was this even translated from? Chinese? Japanese?
  3. Glitchitar's Avatar
    Ala Translation Party.
  4. Fathom778's Avatar
    ......WHAT THE F***!


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