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The postman came with Pokemon for me today - I found a cheap copy of both Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire, both games I've never owned. I played a bit of the original Pokemon Pinball when it was a new game and have played through Platinum for my Gen IV fix.

I haven't spent much time playing either game - still playing White 2, trying to complete as much of the Pokedex as I can without trading with my copy of White - just put them in my DS to see if they worked. Took a bit of convincing and blowing to get them working, but they both got there eventually. Pokemon Pinball seemed great from the one game I played, I look forward to playing a bit more of it - I'll be playing through the GameCube probably.

But the more eventful thing was turning on Diamond - and the PC box that awaited me...

I have the ever so slight feeling that the shiny Mew, three Rayquaza (one in the party), around four Latios and shiny Jirachi on the game are probably not the signs of a game which has legitimately caught Pokemon. There's a few other legendaries across the rest of the boxes, and of all things a Paras and a Sudowoodo in the main party, which are obviously the Pokemon you'd choose when you have a box like this.

Nintendo need to fix this - remove all backwards compatibility when the first real 3DS Pokemon title comes out - and come up with a system to verify the legitimacy of Pokemon and patch the game whenever exploits come up.
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  1. Silktree's Avatar
    Hacked Pokémon are not a valid reason to remove backwards compatibility.
  2. Moe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Silktree
    Hacked Pokémon are not a valid reason to remove backwards compatibility.
    What other way is there? The bugs and glitches of a 9 year old game shouldn't still be impacting on new titles. I really did like being able to complete the Pokedex on White using a lot of Pokemon transferred from Sapphire, Platinum and SoulSilver, but the state of the GTS alone is enough for me to want to give that up in favour of a clean slate.

    Maybe they could allow backwards compatibility for local Pokemon - but block them in the online functions - but otherwise, the 3DS is about the last chance Nintendo have for a clean break and to fix all these old problems.
  3. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    No way. I dont want backwards compatibility removed just due to hacked mons. If somebody wants to hack, it is his choice and GF shouldn't do anything about it. Why should GF deprive everyone if somebody hacks?
  4. H-con's Avatar
    You cannot possibly be serious.

    You know, you can just overwrite the saved game and start over?
  5. Moe's Avatar
    My point is that it's indicative of a wider problem - hacking of Pokemon is so commonplace that a random copy of the game is full of them, something that can't be fixed as a broader problem without scrapping the backward compatibility. When the games are as connected online as they are now - they are near unavoidable.

    At the absolute least a transfer system to the 3DS games should do checks on things like movesets, ability, locations/ball for capture, etc. to try and filter out some of the problem.
  6. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    But what prevents a person from creating hacks in gen 6 instead of "transferring" them unless I am missing something? I mean if I have a wondertomb in gen 5 then what prevents me from creating another in gen 6 if I can't transfer it?

    Frankly, I see nothing wrong in people hacking as long as: 1) they don't trade away these mons under the guise of legit mons. 2) They don't battle using hacks without warning the opponent about it.
  7. Moe's Avatar
    The idea is that once you stop hacks from coming through from previous generations, then you can make sure with game patches that new hacks aren't possible.

    The 3DS allows for downloadable software updates, which could be required for online functionality - if a hack gets made, the game could then be updated to block the exploit involved, and ban from online play Pokemon made using it.

    Obviously people could probably do modified ROMs and the like and set up side servers or something to keep playing with hacks, but that would hopefully be totally outside the main game - so that a few people's choice to hack Pokemon doesn't impact on the gameplay of others.
  8. H-con's Avatar
    Cutting backwards compability would lead to the single highest outcry of players ever. This isn't like the case in gen II/III, where game mechanics needed to get fixed, but todays IV-system works fine. Moreover, the cut between gen II and III aren't so big compared to now. Back then, there wasn't all that much, but now people have tons of (otherwise legit) events, legendaries, shinies and generally pokémon they like. Some pokémon that have traveled around all the regions suddenly can't be transferred further on. How does that sound?

    In addition, with things like Pokégen and the like, it's not like it would matter. People can and will exploit the system, cutting off compability would only hurt those that don't play with hacks, because honestly, why bother transferring a hack when you can just make a new one. Besides, as far as I know, they have things such as legality checks in official competitions, don't they? I fail to even see the problem, it doesn't affect your cart.

    Of course, removing compability would be a complete asshole move towards pokédex completion, it would take ages to fill up the dex, and you might not even manage it with the first game, because hell if they're going to have more than 750 pokémon available in one game, and that's accounting for legendaries and the like. With backwards compability, all you need is basically the generation event pokémon and version exclusives, compared to hundreds that wasn't added to the game. It would destroy large parts of the Wi-Fi metagame for a very sizable length of time, as fewer pokémon are available and all those pokémon you bred and EV'd aren't even accessible (what an absolute dick move), even though you got them perfectly legit. It would shut down move availability for a quite a sizable amount of pokémon and very likely DW ability accessibility. Knowing Gamefreak, they aren't going to pop in tutors in the first game, so goodbye to all those moves. Good bye items too (then again, BW already did that, bullshit move that should be unnecessary now due to the unlimited TMs).

    That, and you're grossly exaggerating the amount of hacking. To be honest though, the fact that you're surprised over possibly hacked pokémon in a second hand cart says a lot, never thought of what kinds of people who sell these games? I've seen plenty of other examples.

    In short, what you're saying is that people who play the game perfectly by the books, who don't hack or anything like that, gets fucked royally over with all their collected pokémon because of some irrational fear of "hacks". It would screw over pokédex completion, online battling and generally just the concept of having rare pokémon. Do you by any chance hate having fun? Or are you just paranoid?
  9. Moe's Avatar
    I'm not surprised by it having hacked Pokemon, I just found it interesting.

    I'd like to be able to use the online functions without having to guess whether something is legit or not - I certainly think Pokedex completion is less fun when people are just cloning or generating Pokemon and trading them on.

    Rare and event Pokemon are only valuable when they are difficult to obtain, years of being able to clone and generate previously rare Pokemon ruins it in my view.

    It might be a relatively minor problem, but this is more or less the last chance to fix it. If there's other ways of achieving the same sort of goal without totally blocking backwards compatibility, great.

    If there is a check thing in place for official competitions (I don't know) - I really wish they would have implemented that as a filter on the GTS/Negotiations in BW2. I would hope that the reason they didn't was that it isn't that simple, rather than simply just ignoring it.

    Basically, if it is an easy fix, I'm annoyed that they didn't go to any effort to resolve some of the obvious problems in BW2. If it isn't an easy fix, I think dropping some or all backwards compatibility would be preferable (to me at least) then continuing to have exploits of Gen 3/4 impacting the newer games.


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