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Why do people still pay attention to these people? They're clearly only out to troll other people.

"Sea Kittens" was pretty hilarious, though.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Hey there, Missy. You're free to disagree, but comments like this

    Silly me, no one could be that rude.
    ...are not cool. You can make your point and argue without being condescending.
  2. Garren's Avatar
    Animals don't "like" to eat meat, they "need" to eat meat in order to survive. It's not like an African Lion can go get a Go-Gurt out of the fridge when they get hungry.

    Humans, on the other hand, have evolved to the point that they can have a much more varied diet and can actively choose what their diet consists of. Humans can live without consuming meat, as vegetarians have shown.

    I don't agree with PETA, and I eat meat, but it's not like they don't have a point. Knowing that meat isn't necessary for us to survive, why do we continue to eat it? If we're better than animals, why do we eat them for pleasure and enjoyment when we have readily available options that don't involve the consumption of our fellow animals?
  3. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    Hey there, Missy. You're free to disagree, but comments like this

    ...are not cool. You can make your point and argue without being condescending.
    I wasn't being condescending, that was a compliment.
  4. Evil Figment's Avatar
    Spare us the rhetoric. You know, and I know, and Kara know that you weren't trying to compliment anyone.

    Every last blog comment of yours in the last four-five or so could be infracted over flaming and baiting. Kara was excedingly nice by just giving you a polite warning.

    Seeing as I'm not nice, infraction, possibly plural, will be forthcoming.
  5. Kree's Avatar
    They want to help, but their insane antics almost parody their own beliefs. They resort to flashy, shocking tactics to gain attention, instead of helping anyone.
    For once, I agree with you. PETA is to animal rights groups as the WBC is to churches or the Sun is to newspapers. PETA may have started with noble intentions, but they're as good as getting to the point as a kid with an F in geometry is. They often use racially insensitive ads (remember that Holocaust ad?) or just resort to shock tactics to prove their point.

    @TheMissingno; I love how you think that people are laughing at PETA to compensate for their alleged subconscious guilt instead of how PETA fails to support its point logically and tactfully every time it opens its mouth.

    While PETA has a great point, any point not proven logically will automatically deflate. PETA just doesn't get this and instead relies on appeals to emotion and shock tactics. What makes this even worse is that they target impressionable kids with these tactics.

    Look buddy I have a cousin who is a volunteer for an animal rights group in her locale. I've been to some of her group's meetings, and they never use shock tactics or sexualization in their flyers. Their group is respected by most members of her community, and hell she's been able to find more than a few open ears. So there isn't any need to use sexism or ZOMG MUTILATED COWS to inform people about animal rights. If PETA started using nice, sane tactics maybe people would start listening to them for a change.

    Hell I know a few people who were encouraged to eat MORE meat when they saw PETA's ads.
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