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So for who knows how long I've been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, my friend lent it to me. When she gave it to me she set up my files for me, because I haven't used a PSP before. But when she set them up she put them on Critical Mode. Her reason for this "Oh you always pick up how to play a game, and I really want the secret ending, AND CRITICAL MODE MAKES IT EASIER TO UNLOCK!! :D" Well I decided to roll with it, I may have failed, a lot... But in the end I beat ever character's story and the bonus chapter and for the people who can do critical mode in their sleep or who did a lv. 1 critical mode run, you have my respect. But please don't rain on my parade

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I never play on Critical mode because I die easily.
  2. Greece's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghetsis-Dennis
    I never play on Critical mode because I die easily.
    It's not fun ;__; all the enimes in world one could OHKO me...


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