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Happy Niceoween

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Let's be healthy for once on halloween! Too much candy is bad for us! They rot our teeth Instead, let's have fruit. Apples are deliciously sweet. Exercise is good for you. And @Leavanny Duo; we will get you to join us! >)

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  1. Wheatley's Avatar
    Veggies are also part of being healthy :)
  2. ~DawnFairy=)~'s Avatar
    LETS RECRUIT THE WHOLE FORUM!!!! Yom-tah! *balances a perfect apple. then EATS it <3*
  3. Leavanny Duo's Avatar
    *disintegrates all healthy foods to the next universe* Problem SOLVED!
  4. Wheatley's Avatar
    *Invents more healthy foods*
    My job is done!
  5. Leavanny Duo's Avatar
    *sees a grape and eats it like a ninja*


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