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Death of a Controversy

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Well, not completely, there are still some out and about, but I`m focusing on one. We all know what Pokesav is right? Well, if you don't, it's basically an online cheating program, though there are legitimate uses for it. A few days ago, I was prompted by a meme to find out just what the heck pokesav was and how easy it was to use. So I went to this site that had it since that was the first result I got on google, and I figured out how to use their pokemon maker. So I just decided to screw around and I made a Therian Landorus on it and then used their GTS to put it into my White 2. Following the instructions, I received it and was very excited! I used it a couple more times to get a shiny eevee, get another landorus *cuz the first one was missing an ability oops* and also got a Black Kyurem and a Shiny Zekrom.

Now, before you say anything, I am a lot more honest than this. I just wanted to see if maybe I could use the hacked Landorus to activate the abundant shrine event and get the mirror so that I could get my own therians. It didn't work. After playing with their GTS some more I decided to stop for a bit and I deleted all the hacked pokemon except for the Black Kyurem *because you can't release fused Kyurem and the DNA Splicers are only programmed to function with one Kyurem*. You can't legitimately have both Black AND White Kyurem in the same game, so I`m kinda stuck with 3 because I thought if I made a normal Kyurem I could somehow use it to release errything. So much for that, at least I took precautions in making them so that they don't corrupt my file. The two Black Kyurem are just sitting in a box now. Maybe I`ll play with them when I get my main battling team finished.

After I left the site I thought about biting the bullet and getting myself all three Therians, because I really can't afford to give an arm and a leg just to get a 3DS, and then another limb to get the Dream Radar. I`d never use them in wifi battles or anything, I just want them just to have.

Unfortunately, I may never get the chance to follow through. The next day, I discovered the site's domain had expired, and though I`ve been checking, it's still not back up. I`m kinda kicking myself now, because the Therians look so awesome. I`ve looked but I can't find anything else that I can use to get them. Oh well, maybe it's better this way, and at least I have the dex data for Therian Landorus, so I can always look at it.

I can see why Pokesav is controversial though. It's so easy to get shiny pokemon with maxed stats and impossible genders and abilities. Frankly, I think that people who use pokemon like that in anything except their own games don't get the spirit of pokemon. I mean really, how low do you have to be to use a Wondertomb in Wifi competitions? I mean it's one thing to battle a friend with hacked pokemon because THEY want to fight a Wondertomb, but it's a whole 'nother to go into Random Matchup and throw a hacked pokemon at your opponent. That ain't right.

At the same time though, I think a tool like pokesav can be used in a good manner. I COULD have kept all my hacked pokemon, heck, I could have even traded some of them. I could have done it with a clear conscience because 1. I would make sure the receiver knew it was hacked and 2. I would mark the pokemon to make sure that the receiver didn't try to scam anyone with it. I even thought about opening a hacked shop here on the forums to trade anyone anything within my legal trading powers on the condition that I label the pokemon as hacked so that they couldn't use it in a bad way.

The site I used is dead, and I haven't found another tool that is compatible with White 2 *yet*, but I`m not all that bothered really. It was fun while it lasted, but now it's back to the real fun stuff, putting in blood and sweat and tears into a good, strong team. I`m working on EV's and levels even as I type this. Join Avenue is so helpful with EV-training <3

Your thoughts on this? What do you think of Pokesav/ActionReplays/GameSharks/Other cheating tools? Can they be used for non-cheating purposes or are the people who use them the scum of the pokemon fanbase? Be honest, I`ll take the worst.

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  1. Phoenix502's Avatar
    I admit, I still have a few pokemon that were created from Pokesav for the sake of competetive battles... from Gen IV.

    that was years ago, some of them work okay now in Gen V, others are just plain outdated. unfortunately, I'm not one to easily be able to keep track of how many EVs I've accumulated so far. so if someone tells me they can make me a competitive ready Pokemon, I only have one stipulation: that it can be seen as perfectly legal, as unlikely as it is. I don't care about shininess unless it refers to dream world abilities, but beyond that as long as I can make my own ideas possible within the game's limits, then I'll at least feel accomplished.

    unfortunately, it apparently seems everyone that's "obsessively hardcore competitive" in Pokemon has that idea and beyond. they won't just use Pokesav to make A team, they'll use it to get whatever solution they want, even the particularly rotten cases like Sweepers whose speed and offensive stats are the highest that the game can say is legal. it completely alienates other players who are either unaware of it or prefer to do it the old fashioned way... and if competitive battling begins escalating to or even beyond this level, I fear that the only thing that the target Pokemon audience will enjoy is the franchise's early slogan: "Gotta Catch 'em All"

    only when this limit breaks will I be unfortunate enough to see the Pokemon battling fans tearing each other apart... violently...
  2. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    Winning against hacked teams is SUPER tough. I remember being swept once in a random matchup when I barely made a dent in their HP.

    Not to mention the abundance of shinies on some of those teams...
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Just RNG instead, probably just as easy, and actually legit.
  4. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    You are simply exaggerating. Most competitive battlers RNG and not hack. VGC battlers obviously can't hack. Hardcore battlers are always gonna battle with other hardcore guys, so it is balanced out. How does it alienate another player if the competitive battler makes it clear he uses pokesavs? The other player has been warned.


    Have you tried Pokecheck?
  5. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    I personally don't see the difference if you use Pokesav for wifi battling as long as you just sav legit pokes. It's the exact same pokes that you get. What is the other person going to be like "oh I refuse to battle you because it took me 60 hours to build my team and it only took 10 minutes for you to build yours?"

    Even if you use RNG it still takes a significant amount of time to build a team. If it takes you 10 minutes to RNG a pokemon and 20 minutes to EV train a pokemon, then that's 3 hours to build a team, and that's not including difficult move sets. Then there's also the battle subway time you need to get choice items and other battle items. Why should I have to go through all that trouble if all I want to do is battle a person?
  6. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Lord Clowncrete *3* I love you
  7. Karamazov's Avatar
    I think Pokesav and RNG are the autotune of the Pokemon metagame, as opposed to singing without it.
  8. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    How? Autotune alters your voice, Pokesav and RNG give you the exact same thing you would have otherwise, just with less time. If anything I'd call them the Gutenberg Press of the Pokemon metagame.
  9. Phoenix502's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Clowncrete

    You are simply exaggerating. Most competitive battlers RNG and not hack. VGC battlers obviously can't hack. Hardcore battlers are always gonna battle with other hardcore guys, so it is balanced out. How does it alienate another player if the competitive battler makes it clear he uses pokesavs? The other player has been warned.
    hm, maybe I was, though I find it rather difficult for someone to warn people they used generated Pokemon in places like, say, the random matchups in the games online mode. that and i recall some youtuber saying competetive people use Pokesav or junk like that. I initially shrugged it off, until I remembered some of my old Pokemon...

    personally, I wasn't all too confident in competetive battling because I had trouble getting what I wanted, but perhaps it might not be as bad as I though... only one way to find out, right?
  10. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    The ingame hack checker checks for hacks and prevents the usage of hacked mons in random matchup. I have tried it, so I am pretty sure that you can only use legit mons in rm.
  11. MegaCharr's Avatar
    Now I know why I have over 70 losses in a row....To many people use Pokesav and stuff like this....Ha! I knew Pokemon games were flawed right from the start...


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