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Best Wishes Season 2: Episode 15 & 16 Review!

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About time I did this review.

First, episode 15:

Good points:

- Combination moves of the twin brothers looked cool and reminded me of contests, especially when they got Corphish and Buizel.

- Unfezant getting a win and more battle experience. :D

- Another good point is that this episode WASN'T a one thousandth rehash of a tag battle episode where two partners get in a fight, lose, then make up and win. Ash and Cilan won from the start since they were a good team and we had Cilan suggesting the twins to catch two new Pokémon, water types, to be exact. It was neat because Cilan was doing something a Connoisseur should do and I liked that. ^^

- Cameo of Subway bros, it's always nice seeing such characters return.

Bad points:

- Pansage battling. He just got some screentime in the previous episode, couldn't have Stunfisk battled in his place? Plus, Bullet Seed is so overused and boring. :I

- The twins were kinda bland.

Overall, it was an average episode with some nice moments and was saved from being terrible by avoiding the typical tag battle episodes in this anime which involves partners fighting and then making up. Unfezant having a role also helped a lot.


Onto episode 16:

Good points:

- Iris. I'm getting sick and tired of repeating myself since I am never really disappointed by an Iris episode. Iris had the central role, of course. I love the way she behaved, how she was intimidated by Drayden's voice and especially the way she motivated her friend. She united her team against rampaging Hydreigon and even got hurt in process of trying to calm a Pokémon of her friend (she was bit). She never gave up and it was obvious that her determination would bring her success. It has been established from the very start that Iris had a lot of potential and even the Elder herself knew that Iris could do it as well as Drayden. And Iris did it. She risked her life, her well-being, but she did it. It took some effort, but that's Iris for ya - she keeps working and trying. :)

- Old Matriarch. Lol, she was amusing. I also loved the way she just casually approached Iris's Dragonite and calmed him down. She is a true Dragon Master.

- Setting and music. It was great to finally see Iris's village and being combined with beautiful music, the Dragon Village was wonderfully presented. The number of dragons also astounded me, it felt so good seeing so much of them in one place.

- Iris's team. Seeing Emonga/Dragonite and Axew/Excadrill combinations and their common efforts to help Iris and corner Hydreigon made this episode precious. I felt so warm inside when I saw them working together but I adored the bit when Iris ran towards her entire team at the end of the episode. Sure, Iris might not have a lot of dragons, but her team is unique and interesting, each and every member of it.

- Axew's evolution "quest". Good to know that the writers haven't forgotten about it so I was happy when I heard that Iris said to her elder that Axew hasn't evolved yet.

Bad points:

- Iris's childhood friend (forgot her name) was kinda bland.

- Iris calming a dragon type is getting kinda repetitive. I wish they took a more exciting, creative route (not that this one doesn't work) where her knowledge and skills could come to expression. Plus, I dislike the way they constantly portray dragon types as some creatures who can easily go on rampage. :/

Overall, this episode was so much better than the previous one. It was the first part of Iris's finishing (at least I think so) story arc and I'm excited to see everything come full circle when Excadrill finally faces Haxorus in the battle against Drayden.

Iris and Excadrill have both worked hard and they have both developed since their first interactions in episode 9 of Best Wishes. It's time that they showcase their growth and the bond that has grown to become something even more, something special. This is not just about dragon types anymore, it's about trust between Iris and her Pokémon, mainly Excadrill. I'm excited to see the final outcome. :D

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Updated 27th October 2012 at 12:38 PM by Tsutarja

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  1. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Iris ran towards her entire team at the end of the episode.
    I had to avy that ^^

    to help Iris and corn Hydreigon made this episode precious.
    Corn? :P

    Dude, those twins were cool! They got the Bolin and Mako type hair to prove it! Can't wait for Excadrill and Haxorus, can not wait.
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Err, I meant corner, lol. Haha XD


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