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Another one?! Seriously-AGAIN?

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Wow. Looks like another white Halloween for me. 2nd year in a row. Apparently lil' New Jersey's getting hit with the worst of Hurricane Sandy, and that cold front is coming right over us. So not only do we get battered by a flipping STORM, but we get blanketed in snow. Oh joy.

This is shaping up to be like Irene and the October Snowstorm of '11 mashed into one. Hopefully I won't lose power like I did last August. Not because of my precious internets, no, because if there's no power in the midst of a blizzard, we're gonna have a big problem on our hands.

I'm just hoping that NJ doesn't get battered as hard as it did after Irene. Back then it was warm and in the middle of summer. Now it's coming November, and this storm threatens both Halloween and Election Day, if worst comes to worst.

On the bright side, my science test might be postponed. :c

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  1. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    Irene was the same week as that earthquake.

    The snowstorm last October was BRUTAL. I was sitting outside in that watching the Rutgers- West Virginia football game and was soaked to my socks in slush.


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