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Return of Code Lyoko!

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Okay so I was browsing in internet today, searching for Code Lyoko episodes. I didn't expect to find this though.....

I went to Code Lyoko's main site and what do I find....A screen featuring Jeremie, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi along with the words 2012 Code Lyoko Evolution That is right!!! A 5th season has been confirmed!!!! I can't believe it's really gonna happen!!! I checked out Wikipedia and it indeed says that Moonscope has announced a couple months ago that the show will be returning for a 5th season, being 26 episodes!

This is just unbelievable! I'm such a huge fan of that show and I can't believe it's coming back! This is gonna be so awesome!!!

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  1. 투 애니원's Avatar

    I'm so happy right now!!!
  2. KaiTheAirbender's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ~2NE1~

    I'm so happy right now!!!
    I KNOW!!! It's gonna be so awesome!!!

    I'm hearing rumors though that the segments that occur at Kadic and all that will be live-action though which actually interests me as to seeing how the main characters will look in live-action.
  3. Lilac's Avatar
    i heard that a while ago
    i think i watch all the episodes of season 1-4
  4. Rotom Robot's Avatar
    ive never watched but ive seen a game in a second hand game shop and i go a remote controlled hover motorbike
  5. Pariah's Avatar
    *party* :)
  6. tbcr's Avatar
    as a person who has (and has to) keep up with CL news, it is sort of rediculous that we have not had any new information beside the show having live-action/CGI, the MMORPG's visual change (which the french community seems oblivious to, for some reason =/), and the airing of a series of clip shows titled "Code Lyoko Plus".

    also, since the official forum closed back in fall of last year (and was reopened by the fan community as "Code Lyoko Veterans" shortly after), official communication from moonscoop has been limited to Emails to Code Lyoko United, the shi...i mean facebook page, and Kabillion.
  7. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    Well that's a good sign!
  8. fawfulmark2's Avatar
    since the original series was on Maguuzi,what will it be on now?

    and now that I think about it, was this the gift for CN's 20th b-day? wonder if anything else will come back...


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