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Monotype Playthrough: Part 1

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So I got bored over the weekend, and found my Leaf Green game almost by accident.

And I said: "Huh, maybe I should play this."

And then, I had a thought. As the URPG's Pewter Gym leader, I very much like using Rock-types to battle with. They're powerful and have amazing defenses. So why not?

Thus, I started a monotype playthough, using only Rock Pokemon.

Or, at least that was the thought. My one problem was that you can't GET a Rock-type Pokemon until Mt. Moon, which leaves the entire first Gym without a Pokemon to fight with. Well that's sad. So, after deciding to be clever and reset the game a few times, I chose Squirtle to be the Pokemon that I plow through Pewter Gym with. I did so, and managed to find two Geodude in Mt. Moon shortly afterwards. A boy and a girl. How fitting.

I wandered into Cerulean, where I realized that this wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. Apparently, there's no way to get a Rock-type with Cut in the beginning of the game. Absolutely brilliant. And did I mention how fun Cerulean Gym was? I ended up using Wartortle, which makes me feel like a cheater.

However, I will say that two Graveler are fun to bring into Vermillion Gym. That is all.

Then, through Rock Tunnel, where I managed to find an Onix. That was good, I needed a little variety. Then Lavender. Slightly boring, but now I have Graveler and Gravelette. How wonderfully creative of me.

Finally, into Celadon, where I realized that having Selfdestruct is a good thing to have when you're completely out-played by certain Grass-type trainers.

I ended the day with a net increase of nearly 9,000 coins in the game corner. That was fun.

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  1. System Error's Avatar
    Shoulda put off Cerulean until after you're ready to head into Vermillion Gym for extra levels.


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