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Being colorblind must suck

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So I'm watching a guy running FF2us. As he finishes the Golbez fight, he brings up how it sucked for him in FF4DS, because he didn't know if he was healing the guy or hurting the guy, because damage and healing are red and green respectively. And he's red/green colorblind. So it took like 20 minutes to beat. I subsequently asked him if he couldn't tell Palom and Porom apart, and he was like WHAT THE FUCK THEY WEAR DIFFERENT COLORS???

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  1. Reila's Avatar
    Being totally blind must suck even harder.

    PS: I lol'ed.
  2. Master Mew's Avatar
    It really does suck.

    I can't read Christmas cards. (Red font on a green background? Really?)

    Also, I once encountered an upside-down traffic light. "Red" was on the bottom. Talk about dangerous.
  3. Oswin's Avatar
    I understand being colour-blind, but really? Surely he'd know when he's casting cure/ra/aga or not? And Palom/Porom have a completely different hairstyle, as well as different spell list, how can he not tell them apart?
  4. System Error's Avatar
    @PkmnGreen; - The gimmick of that battle in the DS version is that Golbez changes what he's weak to. The rest of the elements, he absorbs. Also, I forgot to bring it up, but hairstyle is how he tells them apart.


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