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Friends. (A rant)

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Yes, I realize it's not a life dump. I know I said that in the previous life dump post, I would be posting these things every other Saturday. Well, not really anymore. Instead, what I have for you today is a nice little rant. I kind of wanted to get this one off my chest for a while. So, get ready to read.

So, this rant right now is about friends. "What about them," you ask? Simple really. One's definition of the word nowadays.

What really just ticks me off is when I see people on Facebook with 800+ friends. How can they have that many friends? It really doesn't make any sense to me. It's like they have friends that aren't really friends. Is that the point of all the social media sites? Just a big old popularity contest? I, for one, am completely content with my 24 Facebook friends. Do you know why? Because they're actually people I consider my friends. Here. This is how a dictionary lying around my house defines friend:

friend /ˈfrend/ n. 1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

Another thing that I believe should be mentioned is the trust factor. One must trust another's friends. At least that's what I believe.

But, from what I see on facebook and such, it seems like the definition of friend is more like:

friend /ˈfrend/ n. 1. a person you pass in the hallway that you know the name of.

Honestly. It's pathetic. It disgusts me. It DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME. I am one of those people who have a few friends, but take them to heart. My best friends, they're like brothers and sisters to me. I trust them, from keeping a simple secret to my life. It's just... I keep them so close to my heart. Some could say that I... love them. All of them. But when I see someone with 700 friends on facebook... I wonder; how many of those "friends" they can trust? Just how many do they have affection or regard towards? And those people saying, "Subcribe to me and you'll get 65413217 friend requests!1!!1! ;D" Honestly. It's pathetic. If this keeps up, I feel as though the word "friend" will be forever skewed and broader than it needs to be. This may explain my reluctance to accept friend requests here. Because I don't really consider anybody here a friend... yet.

If you're still reading this, then hear me out. If you have some sort of social media thing where there are "friends" involved (Facebook, MySpace, etc.), go through the list. Look at them and see if you would entrust them with a deep secret of yours. I'm sure it will bring light to the relationships between the two of you.

Bah. I doubt it will change. But at least I can state my mind, right?

Stay awesome,

TL;DR: Friends are people you should trust, not someone you pass in the hall.

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  1. Master Mew's Avatar
    They don't have to be your "best" friends, but they should be more than acquaintances. I have a couple hundred facebook "friends" and, believe it or not, almost all of them are true friends. There are a handful that I added to keep in contact with for other reasons, but most of them are friends.

    Sorry it disgusts you.

    Add me on Facebook? (kidding)
  2. Neltharion S. Deathwing's Avatar
    Will you be my friend? You and I have the same beliefs here. I had a handful of Facebook friends with more than 1000 friends, mixed with a couple of friends with 500 total friends. I myself only had 17 FB friends, and I know at least half of them -.-
    This kind of question gets in my head as well but you just summarized what I just thought ;)
    Right now, after 2 months of assimilating myself into this school, there are only a mere bunch of people I consider "friends". I have a friend who is a true friend, and we already share a common bond with each other. Then the rest are just acquaintances, people whom I talked to on multiple occasions. Therefore, I only have 1 true friend in my school when I have around 5 true friends in my old school.
    Sorry for rambling in your blog, but I share the same musings as you did with friends. Good job :D
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    Friends is probably the wrong word to use; they're more like contacts.

    I won't repeat what the other two posters said too much. But I do have a large friends list on Facebook, full of friends, family I never talked to, and acquaintances from school. Even if we never talk, I like to see how they're doing. I like having a way to talk to them, to keep from forgetting and losing contact with them.


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