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Bubble Frog

Pokémon Observation: Pignite

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The star of today's observation is a very tasteful Pokémon with a lot of fire and spirit. Probably one of the best out there and a very cool baconated guy:

Lookin' Badass & Adorable, Pignite!

Pokémon Summary

Pignite is Ash's main Fire-type of Unova and has been on the show since the beginning pretty much and he was caught in The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!. Pignite was abandoned back when he was a Tepig by Shamus for being "untalented". That's not much of a far cry from Ash's past Fire-types on the show who have all been abandoned or abused for some reason, except Torkoal who was bullied by many Steel-type Pokémon . People complained often about how bland, boring, uninteresting Pignite was as a Tepig. There were complaints of him being a carbon-copy of past Fire-types and how it was an overused and worn-out plot line and I can see what people mean, especially coming after Chimchar in DP. Tepig is a Pokémon that wanted nothing more than to please his trainer and if he ever lost in a battle or failed he would often sulk to himself.

Tepig after being defeated

I immediately think that's something that sets him apart from past Fire-types as his abandonment is shown to be hurting him after the fact, it isn't gotten over in the span of one episode.

Character Interactions

Ash & Pikachu






Character Development & Growth

Tepig using Flamethrower

Pignite has easily had the best development and growth in all of BW, he's grown from the physical side and mental side. He doesn't see himself as a piece of incompetent, irredeemable trash and truly has some respect for himself now. He's eager to battle and he trust his trainer. This development is gradual is what I like most about it, we truly get a feel for Pignite how much he's grown and changed. He's also more impulsive, this is shown when he burns Shamus' face after Shamus attempts to recruit him after he beat him. Just like his personality, his battles and moves reflect that. He doesn't have to rely on weaker moves like Ember and Tackle as he has a slew of strong moves in his arsenal now, Flame Charge being a popular example.

Have the changes and growth with this character been good?

Yes, the best development and changes in all of BW. The absolute best.

Is this character memorable?

Pignite, yes. He might be a tad overshadowed by other Fire-types of Ash's, but regardless Pignite is an absolute memorable part of Ash's team. Not only because of his screen time, but the way he's grown in BW in-comparison to other Pokémon and how effective he is as a character especially when interacting with others. His episode of evolution probably is one of the best episodes of BW ever. Although this isn't anything huge, I always liked the way Tepig's tail glowed whenever he used Flamethrower or Ember. Like I said, Pignite's growth being gradual and more subtle is what makes it so much more compelling to me than the other Fire-types who got over their abuse in relatively short time. I'll be using Tepig in W2 because of Ash's.

How they rank?

Ash's Unova Team

The Unova Gang Pokémon Overall

Next time:I dunno.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Great article! I think Tepig really is Ash's best Fire type in terms of story and personality. The issue with Tepig is that he has a more subtle and gentle personality, which isn't always noticed by a lot of people, unlike Oshawott's more abrasive and cartoonish attitude.
  2. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    The issue with Tepig is that he has a more subtle and gentle personality, which isn't always noticed by a lot of people, unlike Oshawott's more abrasive and cartoonish attitude.
    Agreed! While I do enjoy Oshawott's personality, variety is the spice of life, it's fun to have more subtle personalities like Tepig's. Tepig is just that type of Pokemon with a defeatist personality and he has that sort of sheepish demeanor that makes him an excellent target for put-downs. Poor guy, but regardless his personality is very cute even if it isn't as boisterous as other Pokemon like Oshawott.
  3. Reila's Avatar
    Nice article. Well, I like Pokabu. The only issue I have with him is not... exactly with him. It is because they already gave focus to Fire-Type starters twice... It was the time to see the Grass or Water-Type starter being the main star :/
  4. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Great article and Tepig really did receive some great development without making it seem screenhoggy like the case was with Chimchar who pretty much stole the league as Infernape.
  5. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Yeah his development is good but he never struck me as a strong pokemon. Especially given his move set.
  6. Gengarzilla's Avatar
    Hmm, yes that was good. How about Scraggy or Axew next?
  7. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gengarzilla
    Hmm, yes that was good. How about Scraggy or Axew next?
    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep those in mind. I already started making one though a while back.


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