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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part IX: The Part Where The Game Starts Flipping Me Off

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Alternate title: It's gotta go somewhere.
Alternate title 2: But I am luckier than ALL OF YOU.

Umbrella Town, as I like to call it. Lots of randomness about here. Construction! An angry guy! Some secret service guy who asks about 1000, gives me a message with a weird SFX when I say no, and then doesn't talk to me again! Also, it's here that I alert myself to the disturbing fact that Toxicroak, may in fact, be post-game. Why it's in the Nudex if it's post-game, I have no fucking clue. So there goes my fighting. Single types are boring, Lucario is out because Steel, Scrafty is out because Dark. So what else is there?! I wanted a Grass, actually. But the problem is, since I believe Grass Musketdeer is in Pinwheel. Which is postgame. And I have no clue what to fill the team out with. I was going to go with Heatmor for 6 actually, but Twist Mountain...IT'S APPARENTLY POSTGAME, BITCH.

Everything else either shares a type or is monotype. It's like, Route 14! Drifblim, Emolga, and Altaria share a type. Audino is monotype. Golduck and Absol do both. In fact, there's a grand total of five Pokemon that fit both those requirements, anywhere accessable now (and only with the removal of Toxicroak): Leavanny, Crustle, Chandelure, Scolipede, and Amoongus. Fuck Leavanny, used Crustle before and may as well have a Rock, used Amoongus before, and don't like Chandelure. Also, I do want more special attackers, so Scolipede might not be the smartest move. There's Volcarona too I guess, but like I said before: what attacks?

Oh, and as I find oout here, the game has a convenient list for Pokemon locations per route. Which is pleasant in a way. Black City is blocked off by a crowd of singing assholes, so I decide to try to get a Gothita.

Things get fucked.

The game ends up giving me a shiny Raticate AND Pokerus BACK-TO-BACK before it hands over a decent Gothita. Which never ends up happening.

No, I am not fucking kidding.

And the worst part is, I figured it was going to try to pull that on me. My exact reaction at the shiny: "Oh...YOU. Are a fucking asshole!" When I noticed the Pokerus though which I was NOT expecting, I was just speechless. Dumbfounded. Awestruck. If it were anyone else, they'd be excited. Maybe THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS THERE IT IS. But for me in my situation? I was like "fuck you, game". Maybe it thought that since I was SOL on the team choice it decided to mock me with luck elsewhere. But guess what? I wasn't smiling.

I settle on a weaker Gothita, and find out Gothitelle kinda sucks. But fuck it, I was SO done after that. I go north and proceed to strat the everloving shit out of Hugh until my plan works out of spite: Gothorita vs. Sluggy the Unfezant. Get 3 or so Charge Beam boosts plus what I'm assuming is an X-Item boost. It only has weak-ass Razor Wind. Future Sight and Charge Beam to finish; making sure to be at full HP. Ugly Serperior comes out. Gothorita survives a hit at full HP, Psyshock and the Future Sight kill the bastard. IDUNNO monkey can't go more than 30 damage. Future Sight + Stalling to be safe. After that I go piss in the Stadiums again, because why not? I verify the AI is pretty vicious here. A team of Zebstrikas trigger their abilities for each other.

I just blast through the next route, see Cobalion and ignore it, and in the next town there's a bunch of plot stuff with B & V. I don't know what. And I have to fight fatty with Hugh. No problem. Oh, and I switch to equipping the Lucky Egg here instead of Amulet Coin. Starting to lag behind in the levels now, so this solves that.

Bridge City. Nothing to note, except it is an evil town with evil trainers randomly attacking me. I turn off Battle Animations here because I'm in an impatient mood. Virizion decides to come out of nowhere on the next route and want me to fight it for no good reason. I just go "yeah have fun with that" and leave it standing in the middle of the road.

Onto the technological marvel that is Opeculid City! Yes, not a trace of the past is left here...except the strangely positioned stone construction site that is the gym, but we'll get to that in a minute. Iris is here, but quickly leaves. I do the usual shakedown of the townsfolk. Some guy with five Tympoles wants me to trade something for something. I'm presuming Tympole is somehow involved.

So we don't have a dragon type, we don't have dragon moves, and since Cubchoo is winter-exclusive now, we don't have an Ice type either. WHAT EVER SHALL WE DO??? How about defense? The new gym is thankfully less a maze and more Petalburg City, only with a fancy dragon elevator motiff. Steelix beats the first three underlings easily enough. Then when I see the number 3 being thrown around, I put Gothitelle at the helm, Steelix in the middle, and Mandibuzz on the right. This handles the next two; rotator on the left and a tripler on the right. Also, they sure didn't choose well, as there's three Pokemon they used: the first guy uses Fraxure, the second two use Fraxure and Druddigon, and the third two use Fraxure, Druddigon, and Axew. Vibrava, Deino, and whatever the hell the other one is are nowhere to be found!

He's not Mike Haggar, but he is a bearded mayor. What can he do against us? Surprisingly, not that much. Drayden's AI is...well, special. Remember how Burgh was ruthless in the Razor Leafs unless I exploited his AI? Drayden's Druddigon really didn't know what the hell it was doing. It had a fighting move I have no idea what the name of is that my Samurott also has, but it often forwent it on Steelix in favor of a slashing move which I believe may be X-Scissor. I can't avoid the potion with Iron Head->Rock Slide->Iron Head, and he eventually Dragon Tails out Gothitelle. No problem, I needed that switch anyway. Because when it quickly finishes it off with Psychic, out comes Angry Flygon! Gothitelle manages a Future Sight before she gets got, and Mandibuzz is up next.

Now this is awesome. Flygon uses Rock Slide as it gets Plucked. Weak Armor triggers, Future Sight goes off and brings it to critical. But...no potion?! He's got only one? Drayden, you fool! And because of Weak Armor, Mandibuzz outspeeds and wrecks Flygon.

Haxorus. Also goes down pretty cool. First order of business is to Pluck away his berry. He starts using Dragon Dance. Mandibuzz gets off an important Tailwind as he dances again. It does one more move before Haxorus decides to beat it. So I switch to Ampharos. Plan WAS to use this distraction to heal Steelix, but I had something better in mind then. CONFUSE RAY!!! This sadly doesn't go quite as well as planned. The good news is, weird turn ordering means I get to smack him with a Signal Beam. Even though he goes first and dances on the turn I use Confuse Ray. Tailwind is weird. It's not enough. He avoids confusion and OHKOs Ampharos, then Samurott. Steelix is a boss and is ready to tank a hit and finish him, but he finally finishes himself before that.

So yeah. That about wraps it up for this update.


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  1. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
    I'll pull a Jeapordy and answer your claim about Croagunk with a guestion:
    Was the season Winter?

  2. Baron Dante's Avatar
    "Oh, another Tentacool. I'd be fine with never seeing another again. And now, the next thing I see will be a shiny Tentacool." 10 minutes later, a Shiny Tentacool appears.

    Why does nothing like this ever, EVER happen to me.
  3. Pain Split's Avatar
    You're like, "I don't wanna shiny!" Next Pokémon is Shiny. That would be awesome if it happened to me, but unfortunately, that only works with Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Whenever I want a 50% Accuracy attack to hit, I just think to myself, "No, I want that to miss." And it hits. Too bad that doesn't work for Pokémon.
  4. Lugion's Avatar
    Actually, Virizion is just before Opelucid City.
  5. System Error's Avatar
    I think this blog pretty much proves...somethings? I dunno what.

    @Lugion; - Ergo, why I said "Virizion decides to come out of nowhere on the next route and want me to fight it for no good reason."
    @Wishmaker Jirachi; - Nah, season's Summer. Also as I implicated when I said I couldn't get Cubchoo because it's winter-only. ;) Also, it wouldn't matter, because 8, Icirrus, and its moor are post-game only. You're blocked by fighting Elite 4 guy from Twist's side, and some random fat guy from Opelucid's side.
    @User_Name; - Pretty much why I prefer the original FFT. There's far less missing on 97% shots, and far less hitting on 14% shots. Also things like SCCs and SSCCs. :P

    Also, I should've been more clear on that part: I was expecting Pokemon, at some point during a playthrough not necessarily then and there specifically, to give me a shiny while I was looking for something else. Of course, it is rare, so I caught and and am not complaining TOO loudly. Pokerus though, what in the actual fuck?
  6. Lugion's Avatar

    I have no idea what I was thinking.


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