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PETA is at it again

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Hey there everybody. I'm pretty sure we all know what PETA is. If you don't, PETA is what Team Plasma would be like in the real world. Only there's (presumably) no Ghestis and N is even more obsessed then he is now. Just a few of their acts for animal justice include protesting the use of seeing eye dogs for the blind and Mario wearing a Tanooki suit. So of course, it was inevitable that they target Pokemon.

In what I'm sure was in no way intended to match up with the American release of Black 2 and White 2, PETA has produced a video game called Pokemon Black and Blue. In the game, you play as a Pikachu who decides to rebel against humans. How does he do this? By assaulting them with electricity, and giving them group hugs to trick them into lowering their defenses so he can hurt them even more...You know, when the Pokemon decide that the first thing to do with their freedom is to potentially kill anybody who doesn't agree with them, I'm more convinced they deserve to be kept in Pokeballs for our safety then that we should let them free.

And of course, humans can't be shown as moral or anything. After all, if we ever showed a trainer who actually cared about their Pokemon or, god forbid, someone who just has a Pokemon as a friend without battling (because those could NEVER exist, right?), that would mean we had to acknowledge that all humans aren't assholes who abuse their Pokemon, and we can't have that. No, the only person on our side who doesn't have to be beaten to near-death is Nurse Joy, who doesn't ever consider healing you to make sure you don't get hurt, just forces you into a guilt trip.

Oh, but it get's better. The last enemy you face is Ash and he's here to kidnap Pikachu and force him into a Pokeball again...You see the problem here? This is like N showing up and wanting to kill all the Pokemon in the world. It doesn't happen that way.

Long story short, PETA is, as usual, completely incapable of understanding that there is an option other then just abusing animals or completely ignoring them. If anybody is interested in this...though I can't see why...the link is down below.

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Tch. What a bunch of kooks. >_>
  2. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    This is still laughable because of why Team Plasma was created by the game designers in the first place.
  3. H-con's Avatar
    PETA. Because pushing the A button manically and skipping all the plot and dialogue in the game needs an organization.
  4. Miles101's Avatar
    The fact that Team Plasma exists makes this funny.
    I wonder if PETA knows xD
  5. DatGuyBleach's Avatar
    ....Wow. I played five minutes and couldn't do it. Good job just showed me you can just be as horrible as the people you are against.
  6. Orion's Avatar
    C'mon Nintendo! This is the second time this has happened! Sue their asses!
  7. MageLeif's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Orion
    C'mon Nintendo! This is the second time this has happened! Sue their asses!
    Nintendo is not the company that would sue PETA, that would be Game Freak.

    Also it would be very bad for Game Freak to sue PETA, because the game is parody protected by fair use, no doubt Game Freak will lose the lawsuit and then PETA will launch a counter-suit in which PETA has a good chance of winning.
  8. Karamazov's Avatar
    Plus they're not using the game's engine, so it's not like they're directly stealing.


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