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The Winter's Tale

Sirocco the Kākāpō

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So I recently got to do something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid, which was to meet a real live Kākāpō; a flightless nocturnal parrot and one of the rarest birds in the world. The Kākāpō in question is named Sirocco, who is rather infamous for bumping uglies with a zoologist’s head in the company of Stephen Fry.

I tried to take some decent photos, I really did. But it was dark, and my camera sucks, and also I suck at using it OTL

No, I didn’t take the last one, but my pictures don’t really capture how adorable and beautiful he is. Or how he liked to play with the zipper on his handler’s fly and screech at children. That’s what surprised me the most I think, how he was so friendly, cheeky and full of personality.

I noticed a couple of weird things while meeting him. Kākāpō kind of smell like flowers. A rare case of natural selection getting the body odour thing right methinks. Also their claws are huge and look really weird, like they belong on a reptile. Probably a testament to just how ancient these birds are.

I’m just so happy that a got to see one for real, and with programmes in motion to re-introduce them to certain nature preserves on the mainland, hopefully lots of other people will get the chance to as well.

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  1. winstein's Avatar
    Ah yes, the kakapo. It amazes me how cute these birds are, considering how chubby they are (making them flightless because they're too heavy to fly). The face of the kakapo makes me pity them, especially with the knowledge that they are an endangered species. Interesting to hear that they smell like flowers, since I thought bird smell isn't normally flowery.

    Thanks for reading.


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